Season 10 Episode 11

I'll Show You How Threatening I Am

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • Stephenie's Last Stand

    Well, it's the end of the road for Stephenie. She just couldn't last anymore against the players. She struggled so much in the game on Ulong and this made her a threat on Koror. I'm not sure if we did see how threatening she was. She considered teaming up with the women to take over the game, but they just weren't interested in it. It's a shame because they could have taken over the game quite easily in terms of the vote. But unless you count Stephenie's win at the fire-making challenge two episodes ago, the women ultimately fail this season as you will see in later episodes. The immunity challenge was hardly the worst challenge they ever did, but it relied too much on randomness and sheer dumb luck. Plus, anyone could score a point for you, whether they meant to or not. (Clearly, they wouldn't want someone else to win, but they couldn't control it as well as they would have otherwise wanted Maybe Stephenie was too much of a threat and that's why she was voted out. But she didn't really turn the game around this time around.
  • Best episode title!

    This episode title sums up the brilliance of Stephenie LaGrossa to perfection! I just LOVED that quote - she OWNED it.

    The poor girl has been through so much. She was in an impossible position. She also almost masterminded a women's alliance although sadly Caryn is too tight to Tom to listen to any of it. It's a shame because siding with the girls was probably Caryn's only chance to get to the end with someone she could beat.

    Now she's in a tough little situation...

    I hope the girls hang in there - Katie and Jenn namely. Tom irks me a little, but I like the other guys. I really liked the Immunity Challenge with the tile throwing and the dramatic way it was won with Tom hitting Ian's last time!

    Looking forward to the rest of the season!