Season 16 Episode 12

I'm Gonna Fix Her!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2008 on CBS

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  • It continues to get more incredible by the episode! Unbelievable!

    Wow - just wow! Another incredible one! I was so saddened to have James leave through a medical injury. It was so sad to see him go, but hopefully he will at least not have any lasting health issues. Seeing him walk into Tribal with the IV Drop wa s just heartbreaking...

    Meanwhile, in the rest of the game, the Reward Challenge was hilarious, with the voodoo dolls of everybody! Especially Parvati's and Erik's were hilarious! And James's too!

    The reward was really cool! Swimming with the non-stinging jellyfish was just amazing!

    Amanda's Exile searching was interesting to watch, and I was stunned that the clue to ld her to dig for the idol underneath the tribal flag! That was a shocker! But it worked perfectly ofor her, as she showed everybody that she doesn't havee the iodol, and yet she still found it! Amazing stuff!

    Parvati and Amanda are just so crafty and awesome to watch! As are all of these five girls! I loved Alexis, and she semed to be the nicest of these girls, so I was saddened to see her go, but it was just an amazing blindside, and Jeff's comment about the trieb perfecting the art of blindside was spot on!

    I can't wait too see what happens next! This season is beynd incredible!
  • Alexis goes out in a stunning way...

    The girls organise to vote for James or Erik. But they need to beat them in the Immunity Challenge. And this they seem they can't do - with Erik winning (realising that his being on the island relies on it). Then James leaves the show - injured. Which in one way is a good thing - because James doesn't have the manipulation power of the girls to stay in the game anyway. The girls realise one of them may have to leave. Amanda realises her head is on the chopping block and kicks into high gear - in trying to find the immunity idol. At Tribal Council, Amanda portrays a sad figure about to be voted out. But then she brings out the idol at the crucial moment which sees the vote turned against Alexis. Another shocking conclusion to the episode. Brillant, brillant, brillant!
  • Erik's betrayal and determination to out smart the women's alliance.

    Well, that sucks. Alexis is now gone. I honestly like Alexis and since she's injured, if Amanda and Parvati voted for Natalie, then Erik could've at least stood a chance of winning a challenge physically against Alexis. Erik definitely had fought hard to stay in the game now that he's the last man standing. What can I say, maybe the women will turn on eachother like the ones in Vanuatu. Erik could repeat history like Chris and be the last guy standing since JAMES left. You need a guy on the island to look at and for challenges just like Yasur needed rory. Erik better win or else.....................
  • GO AMANDA!!!

    Aww wasn't that THE best tribal council meeting in this series so far? I mean I knew Amanda had the idol cos she was over doing it with her bottom lip and the sad puppy dog eyes, but to see everyone's faces when she was like "Oh about that Jeff" and YEAH!! On the jury Ozzy and James had huge cheeses on their faces! And did you see Ozzy when Jeff mentioned they idol? What a laugh, I still love Ozzy and hopefully he can work the jury from the inside! And hopefully in Amanda's favour if she's in the final 2!!

    Poor James, I would of liked to see him continue in the game! But he was hurt and needed more medical attention than they could give him! It's sad though!

    And those jellyfish looked so cool, like moving flowers underwater! So cool!!

    Keep up the good work Amanda!!!
  • One of my favorite episodes of this season!

    This episode was SO good! After two weeks of people having the hidden immuinty idol and then not playing it, the idol FINALLY gets played! ---------------------

    At the reward challenge the tribes family members came and if you won you got to spend the day with them. Alexis won the challenge and chose Cirie and Natalie to come along. She then sent Amanda to exile island. James had a bad cut in his finger and he could no longer be in the game. The made him leave and he had to have surgery. Which ment Erik was the only guy left.

    At exile Amanda found all the clues but the last clue said that the Hidden idol was at camp. At the immunity challenge Erik won which ment the all girl alliance would end and one of them would be sent home.

    Once they got back to camp Amanda told everyone she did NOT have the idol and she let them look throught her bag and there was no idol there. Amanda and Parvati went into the woods and Amanda told her that the idol is at camp and that she needs her help. They decide that they should vote out Alexis.

    Amanda tried to get Cirie and Erik on her side and they both wouldn't vote with her. And they all said they were voting for her.

    Parvati distracted everyone in the cave while Amanda went to look for the idol.

    At tribal council Amanda said she couldn't find the idol on exile. She then brought up Erik and said that she kept him alive in this game but he won't help her. She said that she will be gone.

    They all voted. Jeff Probst asked if anyone had the idol. Natalie, Alexis, Cirie, and Erik all thought that Amanda didn't have it. But then she raised her hand and said "Yea. About that Jeff." Those 4 all looked shocked while Amanda and Parvati had smiles on their faces. The jury (Eliza, Ozzy, Jason, and James) all looked so happy. Amanda told everyone that she didn't lie when she said she didn't find it on exile. She stood up and said "But i got it!" and gave it to Jeff. He said it is an idol and Amanda could not be voted out.

    Jeff read Natalie, Alexis, Cirie, and Eriks votes which were all votes were for Amanda. Jeff then read Amanda and Parvati's votes which were for Alexis. Alexis was voted out and then 5 remained.


    I just LOVED this episode! It was awesome and i loved how Amanda played the idol. After watching this ep i hope that Amanda wins the whole thing and Parvati is the runner up.
  • wow...

    Another interesting episode. It looks like it's just going to be blind-side after blind-side. Alexis got voted out because Amanda found the immunity idol. Interesting...I like that because I'm rooting for her now. I was rooting for James, but he had to be medically taken out. Oh well, that happens I guess. I loved how Amanda technically didn't lie to the group when she said she didn't have the idol. It looked like the whole jury wanted her to stay in. If she makes it to the end, she'll probably win. Anyways, it was a pretty good episode. It was sweet watching the survivors with their loved ones.
  • Thats How We Do It...

    Everyone tells me Im going to go I would have walked past all of them and starting digging around the flag without a doubt about it. I wouldnt have waited, haha. Either way - really good episode here I thought. I liked the two challeneges. The one with the family members really opened everyones eyes to the game I think. Amanda really learned what everyone thougt about her there and I think that gave her the ability to find the hidden immunity idol when she needed it the most. The individual immunity challenege wasnt face paced or really all that entertaining to watch, but it didnt last too long anyway. James being taken out of the game was a hgue blow. I was rooting for Ozzy, James, and Jonathan since day one and it sucks to see two of them have to be medically taken out of the game. Ozzy was outplayed, James and Johnathan didnt deserve to leave.
  • An episode I really liked.

    Finally an episode of this season that someone actually uses the idol and saves them from being voted out. This episode was great. I'm a little sad James had to leave, and I want to know how he hurt his finger anyways, but I'm glad he's at least being able to be on the jury. It'll be nice to still see him around on the jury even though he's out if the game. And it's a little weird he lasted longer on this season only by one day.

    But with James leaving, Erik is the only guy play left. You don't see that happen to much. But if that stupid girl power continues, I don't think he will be going to much longer. Although there is only a couple more episodes.

    Regarding Amanda's move at tribal council, that was a classic move. I'm glad she was smart enough to actually play it. But it's just weird how everyone told her straight to her face how they were going to vote her out anyway. I also find it weird how Parvati was sticking up for Amanda. I didn't think she liked Amanda that much. But I always liked Amanda. And for her to play the idol was very smart. I haven't seen a tribal council in a while that had that move, making all votes for her not count. And now Alexis is gone because of the 2 votes for her. But with only 2 more episodes left, let's see what will happen next. And it seems like Erik will have to make up his mind on who to believe and who to go with until the end.
  • Another blindside, this one was good though.

    I was really hoping someone deserving would win this year. The chances of that happening is getting very slim. James was my favorite for this year and one of my all time favorites. He works hard and plays hard. He does not sit back fat, dumb and happy and plot.
    When he leaves the game because of an injury the all female finale is becoming more of a reality. If that happens, I will come here for a review as most of them do not deserve to win.
    The editors did a great job blindsiding the audience and when the hidden immunity idol is played it threw everyone.
    It is about time that something interesting happens, knowing a blindside is going to happen is not good TV, it is boring and this show is getting that way.
  • About that, Jeff.... :D (SPOILER ALERT)

    I simply cannot believe how amazing this season has been so far... Two weeks ago, Ozzy was blindsided, no one expected it... The look on Eliza's face just made the blindside sweeter to me, as a watcher...

    Last week, Jason was blindsided, but apparently, he is not that smart so that wasn't really a shocker XD But this week... First, James is outta the game... A big disappointment, cause I didn't want to see an all-girl finale... Because that leaves Erik as the only guy in the tribe...

    Then, Alexis sends Amanda to Exile Island... And as she was digging for that Idol, I was just praaaying: Please find it, please find it... And then she goes: Yes!, but of course, it's yet another clue XD

    And I was really pi$$ed off because I thought she was getting voted off, since the producers only showed her when she was digging under the flag, they didn't actually show the moment when she found it... And then at Tribal she started saying goodbye to Parvati, she actually made a gesture to Ozzy which practically said: I'm toast. And then Jeff says: If anybody has the Immunity Iodol, bla bla.... And I so was mad cause I thought she didn't have it... But then I hear: About that, Jeff.... And oh my God, I swear I had a mild heart attack :D They should honestly have more of these All-star/Fans vs. Faves seasons, because the Favorites sure know how to play the game... :) And oh, irony, Alexis is voted out... Girl, you should've sent someone else to Exile :D :D

    I'm so sad the season is coming to an end in 7 days, but I'm definitely looking forward to next season... There's no way it can get any better than this, but I hope it doesn't go like China - predictable and disgusting (read: Todd)...
  • simply AMAZING! -- SPOILER ALERT! --

    What a fantastic episode! I can't even put it into words. First, a regular survivor episode... reward challenge. They have to answer questions about their tribemates the way other people would think. If you got the question right, you could go cut somebody's rope and they'll have one less 'life'(they got 3). Cirie was the deciding between Alexis and Natalie. She cut Natalie's last rope, Alexis wins. She got to take two people to swim with jellyfish. She picked Cirie and Natalie. Oh yeah... one more thing. Their love ones got to come! Natalie's mom, Cirie's husband, and Alexis' mom/sister(I can't remember). It was neat, Cirie had a life changing moment between her and nature. James went to seek medical attention for his finger. He had to leave. :(

    Amanda got sent to exile. Hm, I wonder what you do there? IDOL! She got to the first clue, found it... said something about under where the current something or another. She found clue number 2, go to a mouth. There was a cave, she went there. Now she had to go searching through some water, it was submerged and she found it. It said the tower has to line up with the island and it's a straight line . She dug a big line, and found the last clue. It said the idol was underneath the flag at camp! Oh man. Reward challenge. You had to shoot your colored bottle with this gun. Girl power wanted to strike, so they were all hoping Erik wouldn't get immunity. It ended up Natalie vs. Erik, both with one bottle left to shoot. Erik was up next. He got it! :D Immunity for him, awesome. Nice going, Erik! :)

    Who were they all gonna vote for: Amanda! They all agreed that Amanda would be the biggest threat because of her social status with the jury. Parvati would never double cross her friend, so one less vote for Amanda.

    Parv has to distract the camp so Amanda could get the idol. Didn't show much, we don't know if she found it or not.

    Tribal Counsel. As expected, nothing real big. Amanda was trying to persuade Erik to vote her way, because she kept him in for the merge. She just knew she was going home :( I love you Amanda! Everybody votes as discussed.

    TALLY THE VOTES! -- ... the person voted out will be asked to leave tribal counsel immediately. If anybody has the hidden immunity idol now would be the time to play it.

    Camera shifts to everybody. Silence. Amanda pokes her hand up! "Jeff!" -- takes it out of her bag and says something like... "When I told you I didn't have it... I wasn't lieing, because I didn't have it then. I found it later." She gets up and swings it around and hands it to Jeff.

    "You know the rules, the hidden immunity idol exempts any votes for that person and the person with the next highest amount of votes will be asked to leave tribal counsel immediately."

    First vote - Amanda
    Second vote - Amanda
    Third vote - Amanda
    Fourth vote - Amanda
    Fifth vote - Alexis
    Final vote - Has to be anybody but Amanda for Alexis to stay in the game.

    it's Alexis. :( I really liked her! Too bad she's gone... :(

    You'll have to watch it... but Amanda's acting at Tribal like she was going home was PRICELESS! It was perfect! Academy Award winning! OH MY GOSH!

    SERIES CLASSIC. I loved this episode.