Season 16 Episode 9

I'm In Such a Hot Pickle!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2008 on CBS
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On Airai, Jason tells Eliza he has the hidden immunity idol which allows them to believe they could go far. The next morning, Tree Mail tells both tribes that they are moving to a new beach. Once the two tribes arrive at the new beach, they merge into one tribe. Once the tribes merge, Eliza does not feel she is in a good position after seeing that Ami was voted out. Everyone agrees to live on the Malakal beach and Erik suggests the new tribe name, Dabu. That night, Ozzy and Alexis's relationship starts to build up which bothers Amanda. The new tribe arrives at their beach and after talking to Jason, Ozzy guesses he has the fake immunity idol. Meanwhile, after talking with Parvati, Eliza realizes the game is no longer fans versus favorites. Parvati then tells Amanda about the alliance she has with Natalie and Alexis, but Amanda never wanted that. After the first Individual Immunity, Parvati is confident that Eliza will be voted out based on the way she has played the game so far. Eliza then confronts Jason about giving her the "immunity idol", but after she sees it, she realizes it's not the real idol. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to get Cirie to vote out Alexis. At Tribal Council, Eliza tries to play the fake immunity idol, and after being rejected, she tells everyone Ozzy must have the real one.moreless

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  • Fake idols... <33333

    I definitely loved this episode! It was spectacular!

    First up, there is the merge, and James starts eating bats. That was absolutely vile, but that guy is just hilarious!!!

    I was thrilled to see Alexis getting a LOT more screentime within this episode, as I really liked her and wanted to see her talking a bit more. I loved Amanda's comment about not wanting to go to the end with a Motivational Speaker!! And Cirie's comment about Amanda's jealousy!!!

    I thought Jason and Eliza ending up in an alliance together was pretty unexpected. Outsiders gotta stick together, right!? I liked Eliza (I haven't seen her previous season) but on this season she was great! Shame to see her go, as I feel she could really have shaken up the game later on.

    As for Parvati, you just gotta love everything she does! Amanda's not too happy with being 'put' into an alliance with the girl who's stealing her guy! Parvati, though, is playing everybody, and you have to feel that she is in control!

    I hope to see Ozzy gone soon. I can't stand him at all...

    The fake idol was hilarious! Eliza obviously knew that it ws fake, but she would've been stupid not to play it, just in case. Great job on her by revealing that Ozzy has the real idol, though! I hope that she eliminated Ozzy by revealing the secret, whilch was not a secret to some...

    I can't believe Jeff tossed the fake idol into the flames1!!! and then Ozzy said it took him hours to make, which was pretty hilarious! :Pmoreless
  • Review

    Another average episode from a season that has not had a lot of them. A lot of attention is given to Jason and his fake individual immunity idol in this episode. Eliza knew the entire time that it wasnt the real immmunity idol, but tried to play it anyway. I mean why not, right? The rest of the epsiode was filled with some pretty average drama. The tribes are now one and we have our first individual immunity challenege. I think this is a good transitional episode as Parvati is playing all sides of the game here and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.moreless
  • Eliza outsted. Vanuatu dead and Idols killing me.

    I didn't like the fact that Eliza was voted off. I didn't like it at all. Wow, Erik had definitely survived the night and ever since Chet went to Malakal, Malakal, just kept losing to Airai without Chet there. The Curse of Chet is still there. Airai had only lost 2 people. The bats let me tell you was disgusting, James of course James ate it and Malakal beach is the home all the way. Well the challenge was like Palau's challenge. THe grate I thought that Ozzy would win after his enormous wins in the Cook ISlands. At least Eliza, who I think is just so skinny is so strong. She and Jason are on the outs. Jason wins and Eliza's gone.moreless
  • Man Jason is STOOPID!

    Oh man I love Ozzy, he's so funny and I couldn't wait to see his face when Eliza took up the "idol"...Haha he was cracking up!! So funny! I have been waiting for that since he made the silly thing. It doesn't even look close to a idol.............

    I think Amanda and that Alexis gurl are going to but heads soon over Ozzy, that is if Amanda can't get her out soon! I have my favourites picked out to win this series but I don't want to say right now! I'm so glad they had the merge too! I was waiting for this!moreless
  • Excellent episode. Jason is an idiot.

    I really loved Eliza. I'm sad to see her go. Actually, she was kinda cute to me. Anyway, it was a really great episode. It was a good idea for Jason to try to bring Eliza in to keep her in the game, but seeing how he is such an idiot, it was actually kinda funny to see the whole plan blow up in their faces. I'm somewhat happy Jason won the first individual immunity idol instead of Ozzy. And everyone should have saw how disappointed Ozzy was when he didn't win. I thought Eliza would have gone much farther than this, but it seemed like she was enjoying herself after being voted out according to the vids on So I guess it's all good for her right now.

    As for next week, I'm dying to see what's going to happen to Ozzy because Eliza told everyone before she left. That was hilarious. And at tribal council, Ozzy joking around on how long it took him to make that fake idol and James burst out laughing. I just hope the rest of the episodes can be as funny and good as this one.moreless
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