Season 24 Episode 10

I'm No Dummy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2012 on CBS

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  • Knowing he will be the next to go Troyzan gets smart at an auction and bats--- crazy with his fellow tribe members.

    I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of "The Troyzan Show". This season of "Survivor" is becoming more predictable by the day. What helps this particular episode to a certain extent is Troyzan. What I liked about him was he was smart to plan ahead and save his money to buy the most important thing at the auction because he knew he needed immunity. I also like how he tricked the tribe into thinking he had a hidden immunity idol. However that does not mean he did not make any mistakes. His tantrums and his overconfidence can very well come back to haunt him later in the game. The ladies told him at Tribal Council that if he does not win immunity he will be the next person sent to the jury. Troyzan has now painted himself into a corner. Will he be able to get out of it? Let's keep watching to find out.
  • Getting worse

    Each episode is getting worse and worse. Why are they all so dumb this season? The guys can't get it together and make a move. So boring.
  • Somewhat dramatic. Troyzan is just despicable with his sore winner behaviour.

    Troyzan's behaviour at the Immunity Challenge was nothing short of vile and disguasting. That is just inexcusable and pathetic. Having said that, I sorta wanted his plan to work, as a blindside would've been really interesting.

    However, I'm glad Kim is sltill alive, and I hope that the men are wiped out soon!!!

    Also, I was thrilled to have the Survivor Auction back, as it is something I absolutely love! Soem great scenes there!

    All up, I'm definitely on the women's side, but this season is definitely starting to feel more and more like the last two seasons, with one tribe compltely destroying the other tribe. I hope there is a little more drama next week, but I had to score this a 10 because I am so excited to have the Survivor Auction back!!!
  • Extremely predictable...Survivor isn't presenting things fairly...

    Wanna start by saying I feel no pity towards Troyzan...He deserves everything that's coming to him and more...All of a sudden he realizes he has a brain...4 guys were eliminated in the last 4 Tribal Council with his approval..

    Leaf deserved to go as well, last episode we saw how he gave up Immunity...pathetic...

    In connection to what Fyrosaur said that *Tarzan* blew up the episode, I disagree...Neither he, nor Christina, nor Alicia voted for Kim, so it wasn't only his fault...Even if he had done it lets gets real, Kim wouldn't have been voted off...

    I don't think Survivor is presenting things fairly, because I sense that there are conversations that are missing, vital ones for our understanding of why they voted for that person.

    P.S: Was nice to see Leif isn't a mute, I could finally ascertain he has a tongue and can talk.
  • Tarzan single-handedly ruins the game again this week, a surgeon with no brain. saddening.

    tarzan is the worst player ive seen in all the seasons ive watched... just purely disgusting, hes a surgeon in real life but proves each week he has absolutely no brain... he makes the show redicuously painful to watch, especially with his vote this week.