Season 20 Episode 8

I'm Not A Good Villain

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Rob vs Russell!

    Rob and Russell should had been working together rather than be at each other's throats. Finally the Heroes win a challenge. Both immunity and reward since it was time. It is only five people pitted against eight with the villians. The villians now must decide who would be the strongest person to target. Either Rob or Russell? As both won't go down without a fight. In the end, Coach really shouldn't had gone his own way and voted for Courtney. Which could had tied the game but in the end, Rob went home. He called Russell a little man, which Russell is. Because Russell wants to run the show and by getting Rob out, he is succeeding in doing so. Will miss Rob as I liked him the third time around.
  • Amazing continuation from last episode! Russell's master plan comes full circle! Again this is a direct response to fifty_games, aka zero_game.

    Please read my review of Banana Etiquette, where I clearly outline why this show is NOT scripted, and EXACTLY what thought-processes went on in order for Tyson to have gone home.

    I am just shocked that zero_game has a psychology degree... WOW. Time to look outside the box, please. This episode was magnificent because it solidified the plan that Russell, Parvati and Danielle (really Russell by giving up his Idol and making Tyson think he'd vote for Parvati) had hatched last episode. Just as we knew, the Rob alliance started to crumble, because Tyson, the glue, was gone. Coach still loved Rob (like a puppy almost, it was kinda sad), though he didn't vote to keep him in the game for some reason (probably didn't want to force a tie and the purple rock). Coach is a horrible game player, as evidenced by this and the next episode. Jerri may have made a good move. She knew she wasn't in strong with Rob's group, and saw exactly what Natalie of Samoa saw: those that go against Russell go home. She really, really might make the Final Four. I mean would you vote Jerri to win a million over Russell? Over Parvati? Over Danielle? They're probably thinking the same, though it'll be interesting to see where Amanda fits in.

    So as predicted, Russell's voting out of Tyson destroyed all ties. Sandra and Courtney still stuck by Rob, but Jerri now flopped, and Coach found himself loyal to both Jerri and Rob. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He should've pulled an honorable Tom-Ian move (from Palau) and be prepared to pull a purple rock in order to keep his allegiance to Rob intact, but ultimately Jerri's defection changed everything. Coach took the coward's way out by throwing away his vote for Courtney, instead of forcing a tie. Oh well, he'll get his comeuppance soon.

    I move that fifty_games must desist in writing these ignorant negative reviews, and publicly apologize for his/her lack of understanding of this game (especially considering his/her "credentials"). For those who actually know, love and understand this game, the last few episodes have been among the best of all-time. Please stop giving negative reviews when you don't know what you're talking about. When you DO understand what's happening, you'll realize this show isn't scripted, and that some of the players are pure geniuses, unlike yourself.
  • Its all scripted

    The show is 100% scripted. Its so weird how from 6 to 3 they went to 3 to 5 in 24h. The last episode was a joke and this one too. How could smb trust Russell over Boston Rob is unbelievable. And how could smb NOT kick out him and Parvati(who has alliances on the other tribe) is more unbelievable.
    Everybody agreed on the tribe that if somebody goes to search for the idol they'd kick him out.
    Im a psychology major, I know how human think, and after the last episode where Russell basically proved the other 5 wrong(If you believe that the last episode wasnt scripted), everyone should have wanted to get rid of Russell and Parvati even more. But no, from voting him out, they turned into good friends. Jokes
  • Wow! So sweet to see Rob ripped in half!

    This was a sensational episode, and I loved what was to eventuate at the end. The episode was focussed mainly around the villains for the most, part, and we saw why, when we got to the end.

    The challenges were both highly interesting, and I'm surprised by how well the 'Heroes' came out and won both of them. That was a little shocking for me.

    I also enjoyed the Heroes finding the clue for the next Immunity Idol, and I can't wait to see if the Villains are going to get one tooo!

    Overall, this episode was packed full of drama and unbelievable suspense! The Villains made the right decision, and I can't wait to see what will happen in next week's episode!
  • The Heroes get their act together and get the wins they desparately need in both reward and immunity. Knowing that Russell no longer has the hidden immunioty idol, Rob tries hard to convince the tribe to cut Russell loose.

    I have noticed more with this current edition of "Survivor" that the interaction between the players is just as compelling and entertaining, if not more, than the challenges. Seeing the scheming between the Villains and even just plain conversation, has made the episodes of this particular edition of "Survivor" worth your time. This episode also has another terrific Tribal Council. However, this episode did suffer from predictability. It could not have been more obvious that Rob's plan to cut Russell loose would backfire. There was no surpise at all in the voting. Still this season has been right on target.
  • Right move. Now Russell can take apart the remaining alliance.

    This has been something I have been waiting for a long time.A second interesting Tribal Council-no more boring heroes saying boring uninteresting things, seeing Rupert or Colby or any other average intellect individual who will be eliminated before top 4.
    Now Russell turned Coach and and Jerri way easier than expected. But both are idealist people so it's not supposed to be hard.
    Boston Rob did it with his own hand in my opinion. During Russell-Rob debate he wasn't very convincing,not the one I thought he would be...He didn't learnt "to die".
    Now comes the second step, I think merge is going to take place really soon, and it's important that the Villains be solidified. But I don't think it's possible, because Parvati is going to make a move on Russell.I just hope he won't loose his focus and get an idol fast.
    Clearly I think if the right people stay united the Heroes should be taken out one by one.
    Russell goes to play a nice game and I think the worse is yet to come. His really only loyal ally is Danielle.
  • As good as last week's episode.

    This is, without a doubt, the premiere season of Survivor. No spoilers, but the vote in the end wasn't entirely surprising - they did a good job of basically telling us all who was going home by the time Tribal rolled around. But the way they got there was absolutely excellent.
    Good to see the Heroes fight their way out of a paper bag this week. The Heroes, who up to this point have possibly been the worst tribe in Survivor history next to Russell's team last year, actually managed to come out on top a few times - though I didn't like to see Rupert's harassing Russell after the first challenge. Very un-Hero like, Rupert. Not cool.