Season 15 Episode 7

I'm Not as Dumb as I Look

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 7: The tribes merge, and Jamie plays an

    This episode deserves an 8.5 solely for the look on everyone's face as Jamie pulls out what she thinks is an Immunity Idol.

    Backing up a little bit: the tribes finally merge, and it's clear right off the bat that Fei Long still has absolute control. No matter how much the editors attempt to make us believe that people are wavering within the Fei Long tribe, it's clear Todd and Amanda have absolute control over everything. For one, James has both hidden idols, and as a result, is strengthening Todd and Amanda's standing in the game.

    At this point, the crux of the season's drama is on Courtney, and whether or not she'll stick with Fei Long. Todd wants to play Jean-Robert and keep him around only until the Zhan Hu members are gone. Jean-Robert threatens to withhold his vote for Todd if he makes the jury and Todd makes it to the end, but something tells me that Todd will find a way to place the blame on someone else's shoulder. Either that, or he really doesn't care.

    The best part of the episode comes down to Tribal Council. To recap: James has the two hidden idols, while Jamie has a piece of wood that she believes is an idol. We get a scene earlier in the episode with James laughing hysterically, wishing that Jamie will play the idol so she can be bamboozled. James gets his wish. As Jeff is about to read the votes, Jamie hands the wood to Jeff. Jeff looks at it, claims it isn't an idol, and throws it into the fire.

    Hilarious, and judging by some of the snickers from the players, they found it funny too. I wonder if Jamie kept her eyes on who was laughing, because she's officially the first member of the jury. A nice cap on a pretty interesting episode.
  • This episode was too predictable and it focused way too much on Jaime's mistake

    I didn't really like this episode. Mostly because Jaime was my favorite and it didn't paint her in a very positive light. The whole episode I wanted it to be some twist we didn't know about and for her to have some insight on there being another idol. I also felt like the producers choose to paint her out to be stupid. It was similiar to what James had and it made sense for her to try it. She was just being overly hopeful, what is the big deal. The episode was also predictable. I was pretty sure Jaime would go through out it. I did like Jeff's line about how they were always playing the game and it was cool to see them tested on if they were paying attention.
  • Review

    I tend to disfavor episode where a challenge is not presetned with the excuse of a merge, but the festive in this one was really good. When jeff said the game never stops i couldnt stop thinking about what he meant. For some reason I thought that the dragon in the center of the table may have been an immunity idol, but that was thrown out the second Jeff came at immunity. The challeneg itself wasnt all that amazing, but the mad scramble in the last part of the episode was fun to watch. Jamie becomes the first member of the jury playing a fake immunity idol, classic. James is going to have fun with the one. He now has 2 idols with 9 players left. He wins any physical challenege. Basically I see it as James need to lose 3 challeneges from here to the final four (5 episodes) I dont think its even possible for that to happen. Solid episode, about what you would expect from Survivor.
  • You go James!

    Since I like James, and have been thinking he's so close to being voted off, it's nice to see him protected for a while, and safe. I just loved that Jamie got voted off. Nothing personal really, I just really hated the past episode with her and the other girl throwing that challenge to get Aaron voted off (I liked him too), and then laughing about it, thinking they had everything in the bag when they merged. Well they did, and Frosti is in it for himselves and Sheari is gone, so they were alone. Should of zigged instead of zagging girls.
  • James big secret!

    It is really a good survivor that they had. As Jean-Robert who is really getting on everybody's nerves as well as Courtney's nerves rattling on everybody else. While we learn a big secret of James. That he has not just one but two idols. He seems safe until Jamie gets hold of one of the idols. As Jamie panics when he realizes that one of them is gone. And now, he is getting ticked off. Meanwhile, the tribes merge. Despite the hospitality and Chinese people giving them food despite the merge. Nobody is safe as Jeff says, the game goes on. Frosti wins the first immunity thing. Jamie goes home! Jean-Robert is spared. At least for now but Jamie becomes the first jury member!
  • The tribes merge and someone is as dumb as they look.

    I thought that this had to be the best episode of Survivor that i have ever seen. I thought that it was really funny that Jamie and Eric found a board that they thought was the immunity idol them learned that James already had two idols already. I liked that the tribes merged because now James is less likely to be voted out. I thought tht it was very stupid of Jean Robert to fight with Courtney durning the tribal council. it was great that the first individual immunity challange was based on things that they seen durning there merge feast and that Frosti said he had a bad memory but won the challange.
  • wow, some people are stupid!

    This episode is pretty funny. Jaime thought she found the immunity idol and played it and Jeff was like, that is not it. It was funny. She thought she was being smart, but she wasn't at all. Anyways, the tribes merged and got black buffs. Tom seems to be on top of the strongest group, but I think he's going to go down soon. John Robert is still in it. James is the strongest with both immunity idols, but he does not seem smart enough to play them right. Overall, good episode that is pivotal in determining the winner of this season's survivor.
  • Another pretty great episode in the game of Survivor.

    I knew they were going to merge and I was happy that they did. As soon as you think that one thing is going to happen, they change it some way and its something you didn't expect. I'm also glad that they finally started the jury when there is only 10 people left but there is one problem. This one episode really stood out because a lot of things happened that you didn't know what was going to happen next and you had to stay tuned in to find out. But with trying to vote off certain people, if they get on the jury who they wanted voted off, then that will come back them to haunt them and bite them right in the asses.Thats why now they have to watch out for themselves and make sure they don't piss off the wrong people that will determine whether or not they get the million dollars. That is the only thing they have to look out for. Other than that, Survivor is getting very interesting.
  • Just when you think they are going to do something different, they get predictable.

    I honestly thought they were going to do something other than a merge, they led us to believe that anything can happen this season. However after the merge to say that the game never stops was interesting, and when the questions came I got them all, for some reason I had paid attention. The dancers were great, but the acrobats were incredible.
    With James having both idols, he is in charge, and with him being a physical force he may win a number of individual immunities.
    I think they voted the right person off, but what they are hinting at for next week is downright stupid. We will see just how it goes, and go from there.