Season 16 Episode 11

I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on CBS
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After Ozzy was voted out, Amanda and James are both angry and cannot believe that Parvati would organize that behind her back. Afterwards, Parvati tells James her plans for an all girl final 3 and is sorry for not telling him about the Ozzy vote. The Reward Challenge is a Survivor Auction and after Jason is sent to Exile Island, the rest of the tribe thinks he's the lucky one for having the chance to look for a new Immunity Idol. On Exile, Jason is indeed successful in finding the new idol and believes his alliance with Natalie remains strong. Back on the Dabu beach, the girls strategize to get Jason voted out next even if he has the idol. The next morning, it is Erik's 22nd birthday and the girls take that into consideration in their back-up plan to vote out James if they are unable to vote Jason out. After the Immunity Challenge, Jason goes fishing and while he is away, Natalie looks through his bag to see if he has the immunity idol. She makes sure Jason is confident that he will not play the idol at Tribal Council, therefore the girl's plan is working properly.moreless

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  • These girls are just plain evil!!

    These girls just makes me feel sick. I understand the game, I understand the blinds, but do they really have to be so mean?? They are acting like spoiled little brats, parasites of society, ready to chew anyone they can get their hands on.

    On the flip side, the guys are just unbelievably dumb and naive. What are they thinking?? No communication whatsoever between them. I feel sorry for James and Erik, who sat there and watched Nathalie , the most annoying b*tch ever, when she went through Jasons bag and then bitch about how she fooled him. Surely the guys must know that they were picked off one by one, so why not come up with some counter-strategy? James and Erik not telling Jason what was going on was just awful to watch.

    Painful...byebye James, byebye Erik. You're going home soon you fools.

    I'm hoping now that cannibals invade the island and eat the b*tches alive.moreless
  • WOW! Parvati and Natalie at work again!

    Wow, is all that I can say after another massive blindside! Two Tribal s in a row in which womebody didn't plan the idol and went home. It's just incredible!

    Natalie's crafty scheming in this episode <33333333333

    Everything Parvati <33333333333333333333333333333

    I really love James though. He is so funny! All of his comments are hilarious, especially about Erik licking Cirie's fingers and the comment he made about Parvati eating the forbidden druit in the Tribal Council vote. He is hilarious! I hope his finger is all right!

    The challenge was great! The girls' reaction to Erik narrowly edging out James was hilarious! Natalie's whole plan was amazing! Parvati is just amazing! What more is there to daiscuss?!

    Meanwhile, James taking Natalie's bat soup was hilarious sa well!

    Can't wait for the netx episode! I wonder if the girl power will continue!moreless
  • Jason follows Ozzy out of the game...

    After the incredible way that Ozzy was voted out in the last episode (when he had the idol!), nobody could think it could happen again...or could it ? Jason is struggling to find a way to stay in the game - and he finds the (real) idol this time around. He now feels confortable - but forgets the way Ozzy lost with the idol. The girls again do their magic - using brain power versus brawn. They set Natalie on him to play with his mind. They go to Tribal Council, Jason slips into comfort mode and is voted out! Another brillant ending to the episode with jury member Eliza (and the audience!) showing incredible surprise at how the rest of the girls are playing this game.moreless
  • Can't believe Jason could be so dumb!

    Now how could he not see this coming? He had the idol and he was being played like a fool by that silly h03 natalie (I can't stand her, I think she a canabilistic traits in her after what she said about they guys jugulars), I want her to go! But when they were all wanting Jason to go I can't believe Amanda was in on it, and to see her giggling at the tribal council was just funny but still, siding with Parviti and all those other idiots after what they did to Ozzy!!!

    I suppose she needs Parv to get further in the game and she can just use her and then stab her in the back! Anyway bye bye Jason, see you on the jury!!moreless
  • James Lives!

    I dont know what to say right now. jason cost himself the game by putting his trust into someone that no one should ever trust. The game is about outwitting other people and if you take anything that anyone says on this show for face value you will be eliminated long before the final four. The correct play in his place is to not only play the individual immunity idol but recruit James, Erik, and the 'weakest' girl and to try and go that route. He cannot lose in this scenerio as worse comes to worse he is playing the individual idol which would elimiate James if his plan to try and oust a girl failed miserably. The game now is down to the five girls and James and Erik. Things are looking really good right now for thr girls as James cannot play the politics (as he mentioned in the tribal council) and Erik doesnt really have any form of allianace going for him right now. Overall, dumb moves made throughout the epsiode but it was still a fun episode to watch.moreless
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    • Jeff: (after Tribal Council results) Well, after back to back blindsides, anybody who still feels safe is a fool.

    • Natalie: It would be perfect, it would be brilliant for Jason to go out just like Ozzy. Blindsided, no idea what's hitting him in the face. I'd love it!

    • Natalie: It's like the black widow brigade. Like, all the girls are are coming together and we're spinning the guys around as much as we can. Just spinning and spinning them until they don't know which way is up and then we're devouring them one at a time.

    • Natalie: Jason would be an idiot not to believe anything I say. He thinks I'm warming up to him and I'm absolutely not.

    • Jason: (after finding the hidden immunity idol) Right now, I feel the most comfortable I've felt in the entire game.

    • Natalie: Jason's on Exile. We all want him gone. The little bitch now has two days of sunshine with the immunity idol. Guaranteed, hands down, the bitch wil find it and that bitch being Jason.

    • Parvati: I wanted to talk to you 'cause I like you and I don't want it to be like completely awkward.
      James: Oh, it's gonna be awkward.

    • Parvati: I need to do some serious damage control today! James and Amanda are pissed at me...furious for voting Ozzy out but I made my bed and I have to lie in it. I knew as soon as I made this move, things were going to get crazy.

    • Amanda: (talking about previous Tribal Council results) It definitely told me they're here to play the game. Game on! Bring it on! Like, let's do this!

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