Season 16 Episode 11

I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • These girls are just plain evil!!

    These girls just makes me feel sick. I understand the game, I understand the blinds, but do they really have to be so mean?? They are acting like spoiled little brats, parasites of society, ready to chew anyone they can get their hands on.

    On the flip side, the guys are just unbelievably dumb and naive. What are they thinking?? No communication whatsoever between them. I feel sorry for James and Erik, who sat there and watched Nathalie , the most annoying b*tch ever, when she went through Jasons bag and then bitch about how she fooled him. Surely the guys must know that they were picked off one by one, so why not come up with some counter-strategy? James and Erik not telling Jason what was going on was just awful to watch.

    Painful...byebye James, byebye Erik. You're going home soon you fools.

    I'm hoping now that cannibals invade the island and eat the b*tches alive.
  • WOW! Parvati and Natalie at work again!

    Wow, is all that I can say after another massive blindside! Two Tribal s in a row in which womebody didn't plan the idol and went home. It's just incredible!

    Natalie's crafty scheming in this episode <33333333333

    Everything Parvati <33333333333333333333333333333

    I really love James though. He is so funny! All of his comments are hilarious, especially about Erik licking Cirie's fingers and the comment he made about Parvati eating the forbidden druit in the Tribal Council vote. He is hilarious! I hope his finger is all right!

    The challenge was great! The girls' reaction to Erik narrowly edging out James was hilarious! Natalie's whole plan was amazing! Parvati is just amazing! What more is there to daiscuss?!

    Meanwhile, James taking Natalie's bat soup was hilarious sa well!

    Can't wait for the netx episode! I wonder if the girl power will continue!
  • Jason follows Ozzy out of the game...

    After the incredible way that Ozzy was voted out in the last episode (when he had the idol!), nobody could think it could happen again...or could it ? Jason is struggling to find a way to stay in the game - and he finds the (real) idol this time around. He now feels confortable - but forgets the way Ozzy lost with the idol. The girls again do their magic - using brain power versus brawn. They set Natalie on him to play with his mind. They go to Tribal Council, Jason slips into comfort mode and is voted out! Another brillant ending to the episode with jury member Eliza (and the audience!) showing incredible surprise at how the rest of the girls are playing this game.
  • Can't believe Jason could be so dumb!

    Now how could he not see this coming? He had the idol and he was being played like a fool by that silly h03 natalie (I can't stand her, I think she a canabilistic traits in her after what she said about they guys jugulars), I want her to go! But when they were all wanting Jason to go I can't believe Amanda was in on it, and to see her giggling at the tribal council was just funny but still, siding with Parviti and all those other idiots after what they did to Ozzy!!!

    I suppose she needs Parv to get further in the game and she can just use her and then stab her in the back! Anyway bye bye Jason, see you on the jury!!
  • James Lives!

    I dont know what to say right now. jason cost himself the game by putting his trust into someone that no one should ever trust. The game is about outwitting other people and if you take anything that anyone says on this show for face value you will be eliminated long before the final four. The correct play in his place is to not only play the individual immunity idol but recruit James, Erik, and the 'weakest' girl and to try and go that route. He cannot lose in this scenerio as worse comes to worse he is playing the individual idol which would elimiate James if his plan to try and oust a girl failed miserably. The game now is down to the five girls and James and Erik. Things are looking really good right now for thr girls as James cannot play the politics (as he mentioned in the tribal council) and Erik doesnt really have any form of allianace going for him right now. Overall, dumb moves made throughout the epsiode but it was still a fun episode to watch.
  • What I think about the girls this season

    Very sucky move. I don't like Natalie, and Parvati. They're snakes and they act like they don't know the game at all. They better be screwed over. All I can say is that if Amanda, James, Erik and Cirie can band together and vote off the three girls one by one. I think that they copied James' blindside. Natalie and Parvati don't deserve the money and I think that everyone will know that those two are the ones controlling the game like BUrton and Jon. They better not win. For Jason, I feel really sorry this time. He deserves to stay here a little longer. Natalie is selfish only inviting the girls to gorge on chocolate cake. It's not fair. NOt fair at all. At least Erik had a good time.
  • Very... very...stupid move.

    I did not like this episode at all thanks to that stupid 'girl power'. It sucks! All the girls joining together is not part of the game! It's every person for themselves basically. As much as I can see why they would want to get rid of Jason, I just think it was stupid to plot completely against him like that. And actually, I think Jason was an average player for once. He played the game they way he wanted to, he did nothing stupid to get ANYBODY in the tribe mad in this episode. This 'girl power' is too much, and it's all going to bite them in the ass.
  • wow...another blindside...

    Seriously, how stupid can Jason be? He's a bimbo! It was obvious that Natalie made a mistake by sending Jason to exile, but Jason decided to believe that she sent him for a reason! What? He could have attempted to make an alliance with his idol or at least played it. How could he just believe her that easily? Well, I really hope it doesn't end up to be all girls because the girls are annoying. Overall, the episode was interesting, but I was getting annoyed that Natalie got more attention; I don't like her...she's annoying. Anyways, it was still an average episode of Survivor.
  • Another blindside, wow, this script was just used last week.

    What we need to happen is for another idol to be put in the game and the person who has it keep winning immunity. That way as the girls plan continues they cannot vote off probably James and have to start voting off their own. First to go should be Cirie, then if the girls are smart Parvarti, but they did not name this show Smart People, but Survivor and none of them could survive without all the work the guys have done.
    An episode or so ago Cirie got a fish, it must have crawled out of the ocean and lay at her feet as this is the first bit of work she has done in 2 seasons and it was so out of character they had to show it.
    I remember her first season when she was in that alliance and they sat back and did absolutely no work, no fishing, nothing, knowing they had the numbers. If they vote the guys off who will provide for them.
    And if there is a guy left in the final 3, the scheming women do not stand a chance as whoever it is already has 3 votes.
  • Back to back blindsides!

    Back to back blindsides as Jeff said at the end of this game, that whoever thinks that they are safe are fools. And he is right. But the auction they have again. And that it was really gross to see James eating bats and all of that as it made everybody want to puke, but in the end, he got them for free. James thought he would be going home. Jason is so dumb and that he should had played the idol like Ozzy before him. Parvarti is pulling all the strings and Natalie really is getting on a lot of people's nerves. Another great show and back to back blindsides once again!