Season 16 Episode 11

I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: During the auction, Amanda can be seen in the background eating the sandwich she has not yet purchased.

  • Quotes

    • Jeff: (after Tribal Council results) Well, after back to back blindsides, anybody who still feels safe is a fool.

    • Natalie: It would be perfect, it would be brilliant for Jason to go out just like Ozzy. Blindsided, no idea what's hitting him in the face. I'd love it!

    • Natalie: It's like the black widow brigade. Like, all the girls are are coming together and we're spinning the guys around as much as we can. Just spinning and spinning them until they don't know which way is up and then we're devouring them one at a time.

    • Natalie: Jason would be an idiot not to believe anything I say. He thinks I'm warming up to him and I'm absolutely not.

    • Jason: (after finding the hidden immunity idol) Right now, I feel the most comfortable I've felt in the entire game.

    • Natalie: Jason's on Exile. We all want him gone. The little bitch now has two days of sunshine with the immunity idol. Guaranteed, hands down, the bitch wil find it and that bitch being Jason.

    • Parvati: I wanted to talk to you 'cause I like you and I don't want it to be like completely awkward.
      James: Oh, it's gonna be awkward.

    • Parvati: I need to do some serious damage control today! James and Amanda are pissed at me...furious for voting Ozzy out but I made my bed and I have to lie in it. I knew as soon as I made this move, things were going to get crazy.

    • Amanda: (talking about previous Tribal Council results) It definitely told me they're here to play the game. Game on! Bring it on! Like, let's do this!

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