Season 17 Episode 6

It All Depends On The Pin-Up Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Sugar Shack continues, plus two very interesting Tribals!

    I loved the Double Tribal Council. But before I get t o that, I cannot believe that Sugar was sent to Exile for the FIFTH time INA ROW!!! Unbelievable! She's enjoying the comfort out there, that's for sure!

    Both challenges were entertaining to watch! Bob the Log Roll Champ was defeated by sweet innocent Sugar! LOL! THat was my favourite part! I like Marcus, and I was happy he won, which just about sealed Ace's fate.

    Fang's tribal was great! My least favourite player - Ace- is sent packing, and I couldn't be more happy about that! Great outcome!

    Meanwhile on Kota, it's a toss-up between Susie and Dan. They don't know who to trust, but they sent Dan home! Personally, I thought Dan would be more likely to stay with the Kota Alliance thatn Susie, but my opinion is based on 43 minutes of footage, so you never know what was edited out!

    Although I have to say, great strategy in splitting the votes, to negate the possible use of an idol!

    Can't wait until the next epsiode! This one was definitely great!
  • Two strong people get kicked.

    I like Survivor, this is the type of show where U really get to know the human nature better...People whom U least expect vote U out, as it happened with Ace...its like Buddy Ackerman said in "Swimming with sharks"-kill your parents, f*** Ur friends and have a nice day...I think Ace could have done a lot more to prevent him being kicked, he forgot this was a contest, where friendships don't last long, and he was superficial, instead of trying to get the support from Kenny, or getting closer to Sugar he did the minimum that somebody with do, behaving according to McGregor's "X" theory...As to Dan being kicked, I have no idea why they preferred him instead of Susie, she is weaker,and I don't see how she makes up for it or with what...She plays no game as Randy said... Another interesting thing I saw is there are people who care only for the win and act like perfect actors,such as Randi whereas others are lighter...will be very interesting to see how it will be.
  • Both teams go to tribal council!

    We see that both teams go to tribal council. And that it isn't like an immunity reward where one team doesn't have to go to TC while the losing team does. We see that Sugar gets sent to EI a fifth time. Randy states that he doesn't like her. And it may have to do with him. Also, the Kota winning tribe gets letters when they win the reward challenge. At the Immunity, Marcus wins the "individual" challenge. Assigns Sugar with getting the other immunity reward. At Fang, Ace is blindsided and gets voted out. Over at Kota, despite not keeping her mouth shut. Susie should be glad that she didn't get voted out. When she should had. Instead, Dan the pig went home.
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