Season 10 Episode 13

It Could All Backfire

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2005 on CBS

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  • More Chaos

    There is even more craziness going on in this episode than the last one. The reward challenge once again affects the game as Ian picks someone for the reward he won and seemingly makes the wrong choice. It doesn't affect him the way Gregg was in the last episode. But Ian made the same promise to two different people and that caused major problems as a result. Throughout the whole episode, it would seem that Caryn would have no trouble staying in the game. But it appears that she learned nothing from earlier in the season when Cody threw too much shade and got voted out as a result. Before tribal council, she was probably safe. But the way she just aired the tribe's dirty laundry everywhere, she started digging her own grave at that tribal council and got her torch snuffed as a result. It can kind of be nice to see that as you don't normally see someone's game end at tribal council itself. Normally people's fate is sealed long before then, but poor Caryn just did too much at once and was voted out as a result.
  • It's all collapsing...

    The game is breaking apart for the likeable few... I just wish Caryn had woken up and realised the position she was heading towards back at the Final 7 and worked with the girls. She ptu herself in a bad position and surely she would regret this...

    Also I'm upset that Jenn and Katie did not just follow through and take out Ian. But perhaps they want Ian to stay to pose a threat to Tom.

    I don't know - it's just a really disappointing ending to a really good season...
  • People dumb not to vote out Tom!

    Caryn knew that she would be going next had she not known Tom would be a threat.
    Ian promised Katie to take her on a reward challenge.
    But he took Tom instead and that hurt Katie's feelings really bad.
    Katie showed Ian that if you break your promise, it would come back and bite you in the rear end.
    Katie didn't want anything to do with Ian but Ian really felt very badly.
    Trying to patch up his friendship with her.
    They kiss and make-up eventually.