Season 24 Episode 12

It's Gonna Be Chaos

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2012 on CBS

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    The BEST episode of the season!!!! Watching Kat talking all smug about the blindside that's coming(to Sabrina SHE thinks) and then her getting blindsided was just AWESOME!!! Kat is a stupid little b1tch that only got this far because she did have to do anything except do what she was told.....Kat THANK YOU FOR GIVING THE MILLIONS OF VIEWERS A CHANCE TO LAUGH AT YOUR DUMB A$$!!!
  • I'm actually happy with the result of this episode

    Well, finally they start by picking out the person that needs to go.

    Kat has been silly, selfish since day 1 and I'm so glad she's gone.

    And, oh, those tears, man, how old is she? 22 is not young anymore, grow up! And those weird stuff with her cousin ...
  • So predictable

    Oh my god this show has become so predictable. You can literally tell that Sabrina will be the next to go, followed by Christina and then Tarzan, unless one of them goes on an immunity idol streak, which is unlikely. Final three will be Kim, Alicia and Chelsea. Kim wins. I have never seen a season this predictable and it all started with Colton convincing the men to give up immunity and vote one of their own off.
  • Such a sad outcome! (Spoilers for this aepisode ahead!)

    This episode left me very upset, because Kat was the second person I wanted to win, behind Chelsea. Kat seemed to be so much fun, and her fun was infectious to watch! She was awesome!

    Unfortunately, she placed a target on her back by doing too well at the Immunity Challenge, and so they snuffed her torhc. I was really hoping Tarzan would go home, because I wanted six women in the Final Six! That would've been incredible! Unfrtunately, it wasn't meant to be. :(

    Meanwhile, I thought the loved ones wvist was awesome! Kat and her love d one Robby were so excitred to see each eother, that they were talkign Gibberish to one another, lol!

    Overall, it was a great blindside to get rid of Kat, but it leaves me very upste, as I wanted to see her do much better! Now I'm backing Chelsea all the way! I don't think this was one of Kim's best moments. She's a great strategist, but I completely disagree with her logic about who would do well at the end, and that might just cost her.
  • OMG...

    I didnt get to see it all missed first 15m but I'll watch on line ..all I have to say is Kat (What were you thinking ) not.... this is a game about winning not making best friends ...They need to watch out for Kim she there to win it ...Get her out ...Alicia she sneeky Wake up ppl....stongest first ...