Season 27 Episode 14

It's My Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • It's my night!

    A very interesting finale episode - much better than all recent ones, especially with that pointless 'advantage in final immunity' challenge we've had on the last two seasons.

    Today there was none of that but we did have a huge upset at Redemption Island and I was really thrilled!

    Did I expect Monica to flip? No. Did I think it would have been smart to flip? Not necessarily, as Tina/Ciera had plenty of support on the jury and she wouldn't win.

    The challenges were good- Tyson left his challenge wins for the right time. Would've been very interesting if Tyson didn't have Final Immunity, and even more interesting if Tina had won it.

    Overall, I liked everyone left in that Final 4. Obviously I'm a huge Monica Culpepper game and I was hoping she'd win, but Tyson played a near-flawless game and he deserved it!

    I'm thrilled Monica received 2nd place however, although I don't think a 7-1-0 vote necessarily tells the whole sotry of the game.

    And I actually like the winner for the fisrt time since Natalie White! Even though my favourite did not win, I'm still very happy with the outcome!

    Looking forward to the interesting theme of Cagayan. The logo looks great!