Season 4 Episode 8

Jury's Out

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2002 on CBS

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  • The most irritating annoying episode in Survivor history

    If Sean doesn't get voted off soon, I can't stand to watch the rest of the season. I thought Christian people are supposed to be nice, Sean is just selfish, irresponsible and disturbingly unpleasant.
  • Definately one of best Survivor episodes of all time. Good triumphs over evil!

    In my opinion, this is definately one of best Survivor episodes of all time. I don't think it would be a stretch to say that this this the episode that renewed my faith in the show. Sean, really the only interesting contestant left was on the chopping block, combined with the fact that John's disgusting foursome, with their smug looks and smarmy, arrogant attituds were running the game, made me think that it was about time to quit on the season. To make things worse, the rest of the contestant didn't seem to realize the peril they were in. Luckily though, through a unique set of circumstances, Sean, along with Vecepia and Kathy managed to flip things upside down, and Sean pulled out the first truly great come-back-from-the-grave- victories in the history of Survivor. That flip-aroundis probably my favorite Survivor moment to date. This episode definately saved the season, and kept me from tuning out in later seasons. Awesome episode!
  • Don't you just love Kathy!

    No wonder like one reviewer says that Kathy was choosen
    For All-Star Survivor is because she has it all about
    For someone her age. Brains, brawns, and talent but also knows how to get along with people.
    Which is very important in order to win the $1 million.
    Glad that she and Zoe kissed and made up but the damage has already been done.
  • The first successful power play in Survivor history, and it showed why Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien was selected for All-Stars.

    At the start of this episode, it looked like another Pagonging was about to start. John had his foursome with Tammy, Zoe, and the General, with Pappy and Neleh as a sub-alliance. Kathy, Sean, and Vee were toast. But then came the immunity challenge where the contestants answered questions and got to chop another player's coconuts to eliminate them from the game. Prior to this, Kathy had tried to convince Pappy and Neleh that they could do no better than 5th and 6th in John's pecking order. When the Rotu 4 showed their hand, they were convinced and John went home.
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