Season 15 Episode 9

Just Don't Eat the Apple

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 9: Courtney flirts, Peih Gee wins when it matters

    I think the reason why Exile Island was the last back-to-front great season I remember watching (through the first 15, at least) is because the last several episodes was not just one alliance running over everyone else in the game. Sure, there was a solid alliance of five that were together, but Terry Deitz acted as a spoiler and forced players to turn on one another.

    For the last few seasons, we've had some pretty boring "Final fives" or "Final Just look at this season. Todd's alliance has such a strong hold on the game at this point that the only question is in what order will the rest of the original Zhan Hu tribe be eliminated? That makes Todd an interesting player to watch, but sort of pulls any of the fun out of the whole thing.

    That being said, I definitely wasn't expecting Frosti to go this early. I thought Erik was gone, but Todd convinces everyone else that Frosti is the biggest threat and the most likely to turn Courtney towards the Zhan Hu side. In an Immunity Challenge that finds Frosti and Peih-Gee playing for their lives (Peih-Gee is an almost guarantee to be going home in the event that she doesn't win), Peih-Gee pulls out the win and Frosti assumes that Erik is going home.

    I'm pretty sure that even Erik thought he was going home at that Tribal Council. It's just a good example of how good Todd is at getting his way, but also an example of how little surprise there will be when Todd gets down to the final four. I seriously so no way in which he doesn't make it there, unless his whole alliance mutinies.
  • They have some interesting challenges but Todd and his alliance continue to control the game.

    This episode irritated me because everyone was just letting Todd, James, and Amanda control the game. I can not believe no one even mentioned going against them. Besides that I liked the challenges. The ball bouncing thing was cool. I liked watching the reward challenge and seeing a bit of flirting between Courtney and Frosti. I also liked how they gave them food if they sat out the immunity challenge. I can not believe so many people wanted food, so of course Pei-gee ended up winning. It was interesting to see who Todd would decide to vote out now that Pei-gee was no longer a chance. I was starting to like Frosti and I am disapointed that he is gone. Jeff left us hanging in the end and I can not wait to see what happens next.
  • ok episode...

    The survivors are still stuck in China...whoop. Nothing major happened in this episode. Frosti got voted off because he was seen as more of a threat than Erik was. Courtney as hitting on Frosti. James and Phei-gee have an argument over the reward challenge. Basically, it just was not a very good episode. It was very average. No big upsets or turnovers occured, just the normal survivor stuff. I really think that everyone needs to vote Todd out because he's the leader. Then they need to vote out James. These survivors arn't thinking ahead. Oh well. Overall, nothing really happened in this episode.
  • 7 Survivors Remain...

    James is now 0/3 in Immunity challeneges and is still in the game with 2 hidden immunity idols and only three more tribal councils left in which he can use them. I never would have imagined that this would be happening. If I were Todd I would be voting for James right now. The thing about James is Im not sure how he is going to fair against many of the six that are left. I think he would loss to Todd, Denise, and Courtney, all of which are left in the game and in the part of his alliance right now. Other then my favorite character this years status, the episode was pretty solid. This is about an avaerage, typical, nothing amazing but nothing bad kind of episode coming from Survivor. The reward challenege had the potential to be amazing, but the 3-0 blowout by Frosties team kind of made that a little average to say the least. Also kind of surprise James was the first pick here in this challenege, I would have gone Frostie / Eric back to back number one picks. The immunity challenege was interesting to see who choose to do what, but other then that the challenege wasnt really pulse pounding. Tribal Council went as expected, with Frostie getting the boot this time around. 7 survivors remain, I fail to see how James doesnt make it to at least 4, but he is 0/3 in challeneges right now.
  • Frosti goes bye bye

    Just Don't eat the Apple was a great episode of Survivor. As usual i enjoyed watching every second of this episode just wonder what was going to happen who was going to get voted out. I thought that both of the challanges were great but i ws disappointed that Peih-Gee won the immunity challage so she was not able to be voted out. I thought that she deserved to go home seeing how she blew up at James after the reward challange saying it was his fault they lost when she threw challange just to vote someone out. I can not believe that Courtney helped vote out Frosti.
  • Frosti gets frostbitten!

    Well, it is now getting down to the nitty gritty. As everybody is happy to get rid of that annoying Jean-Robert as he was indeed that and beyond. While Pee-Gree is worried about her use of the tribe. As the tribe comments that she hasn't won one thing. Courtney, Frosti, Erik(Who finally breaks his losing streak), and Amanda go on a cruise like thing. Meanwhile, Pee-Gee does win. As Denise, James, Courtney, and Todd munch on cheesburgers and fries. Frosti gets mad at them. Knowing that they can't vote out Pee-Gee due to the immunity, Frosti goes home. But wait, there is a twist! A twist to be played but what kind of twist? We have to wait until next week now won't we!
  • Exciting challenges make up for the rest of this episode.

    It was sad to see Frosti go, he deserved to stay more than most of the other people, especially Courtney, who does nothing. I think it's funny to see her complain about JR when she whines more than anyone on the show. She makes this show hard for me to watch.

    The challenges in this episode were fun to watch. It's always fun to see who will give in to things like money and food on reality shows in exchange for not getting to participate in the challenge. The first one that had to do with balance was good too, even though it wasn't much of a competition. I don't think I would be able to do that.

    Outside of the challenges, I thought that this was a very boring episode. The scenes with the team that won the first challenge on the boat nearly made me change the channel. I could do without the whole romance thing on this show.

    Overall, it wasn't the best episode, but still worth watching if you're into the show at all.
  • The end of a fallen hero. We'll now be able to see him on the jury.

    It's just a shame how great people like Frosti get voted out and don't win. He has heart, and it's a shame when people with less heart get to stay when he's voted out. I feel he had a right to be mad at everyone who ate the burgers. It made me respect Frosti a lot more.

    Frosti and Erik did great in the Immunity Challenge, and props to PG for winning the immunity idol.

    Erik and Amanda are friends now, but in contrast to what some people think, I don't believe he's going to feel different about Jaime.

    Good episode.
  • another great episode to a great season

    Bravo CBS Bravo...there you go and hint at a twist ending and then make us come back next week. Brilliant move. Anyway, this was a superb episode. It seemed everyone forgot that James recieved 3 votes last week, including James. According to next weeks preview he doesn't remember until next week. The episode began pretty blah, just Denise talking about how she doesn't feel part of her team anymore and she could go home anytime. Blah Blah Blah, if there was anyone on the show right now who doesn't seem to actually be on the show it's Denise. The reward challenge was pretty cool this much better than the water bailing one last week. The challenge looked alot harder than it actually was apparently, because Erik and Frosti dominated it. It's funny how the two people who killed at this challenge also were on the chopping block.

    The reward trip saved Eric today, he got a little extra time with the girls and might have been the deciding factor in him sticking around. The immunity challenge confused the hell out of me when Probst was describing it. How hard is it to remember a couple animals. But after I forgot the first set seconds after he read them I realized how tought it actually was. P-Gee was immunity, which was obvious if you watch the episode preview closely, (you could spot the necklace on her neck at TC).

    After some scrambling by Frosti and Eric just sitting back and relaxing we finally got to TC. I knew Frosti was gone,and I was right, and oh well I really didn't find him that interesting. Oh yeah, I had almost forgot about the twist ending hinted about in the preview. But nope...we'll have to wait until next week...curses...
    I'm not sure if it'll be a quick Immunity challenge, or a reward challenge or what. If it was a Immunity challenge, the only person I don't remember seeing in next weeks episode was Courtney...but I'm pretty blind to.

    Next week's prediction
    Immunity: James ( I keep picking him...he's got to win one sooner or later.)
    Voted Out: P-Gee if she doesn't pull off another miracle or Erik if she does.
  • Just when you thought you had seen it all, they leave you hanging at the end of the episode. This was great.

    I did not like the reward challenge, the teams were not picked well and I just thought that the team that James was on was an instant loser and it was.
    Pei Gee is getting on everyones nerves but she keeps winning immunity, the day it stops will be the day she goes. At the immunity challenge it was not as bad as it was in previous years when one group was dominating and could afford to sit back and eat while the others scurried like rats or whatever to win immunity. James having the idols was going to eat, and when he got no votes at tribal council that showed that he will go far. He is going to win an immunity one of these days and with the two idols he could very easily go to the finals, plus he continues to work around camp and is not like some of the others in dominant positions who sit around and do nothing. Now what was the unfinished business.