Season 22 Episode 3

Keep Hope Alive

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • This isn't the end but the beginning...Russell gave an ending speech "it never is what it seems" that touched me and made me realize I have nothing to worry about his faith in this game...He will Bulldozer his way to final 3.

    I have no doubt that Russell will be back stronger and meaner than ever...People like farmer Ralph are just luck strucked amateurs who think they know how to play the game...Honestly I was hoping for something like this to happen, because this was the only way for Redemption that Russell would's easy to bad mouth him but let's see it now if people will have anymore excuses to say Russell isn't the best...Take for example the last challenge from Survivor 19, where he destroyed Brett on that very very difficult challenge...I mean seriously is anyone doubting he's going to blow up Matt?
  • Won't say any more here. Be warned of spoilers if you choose to read on.

    This was absolutely unbelievable! Truly a historic episode in terms of Survivor, as the greatest player has been de-throned.

    I am not happy that Russell is gone. I woul never want to see him win, but I love seeing him manipulate people, and that makes for some great television. Additionally, my favorite player is Stephanie, so Russell leaving will not suit her.

    Then again, Russell isn't gone yet! It'll be very interesting to see how Russell goes against Matt. I would not be surprised if Russell were to proceed onwards.

    All up, I was highly surprised with this episode. This season is improving on its predecessor with every episode. This one was surprisiing and very unpredictable! Great work, and please keep it up!
  • Matt faces Francesca in the first duel on Redemption Island. Meanwhile Russell begins to get on the nerves of the rest of his tribe members. This causes several members of Zapaterra to make a game changing decision.

    We are only three episodes into the season, but it has been a fantastic season so far. The Zapaterra tribe is proving to be very wise in how they see Russell. They obviously have seen him play the game before and know he can't be trusted. Seeing the Zapaterras beat Russell (at least for the moment) at his own game was simply fantastic. The backstabber gets backstabbed! However, as DERBEST has pointed out, Russell is down, but he is not out. You can bet your life on the fact that Russell is more determined than ever to get back in.
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