Season 26 Episode 14

Last Push

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2013 on CBS
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The remaining five castaways scramble to ensure their respective at the final tribal council but one person's dream of possibly winning the million dollars is derailed by a serious health problem.

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  • The twenty-sixth season ends with a heated Final Tribal Council and much deseved win.

    So a season that began on a bad note with a terribly boring episode ended on a high note with a very interesting and entertaining one. That being said it was an episode that was far from perfect. I was put off by how Jeff Probst kept repeatedly kissing Cochrane's ass. I will be the first to admit Cochrane played extremely well when he needed to and deserved to win more than anybody (at least all of the finalists), but come on Jeff, enough already. By far the best part of this episode was the Final Tribal Council. Seeing Dawn and Sherri get ripped apart was classic "Survivor" hands down. What I especially liked was Brenda getting her revenge on Dawn. Good for Brenda! I hope Sherri can live with being fired from Stealth "R" Us! Oh! The agony! I certainly hope this is the last we see of Phillip the Nutcase. We need to see a bunch of new faces on "Survivor" next time around. That always makes for a great season. See you there! And finally, congratulations Cochrane!moreless
  • A deserving winner

    Cochran is the deserved winner of fans vs favorites. He has come a long way and changed big time from last time he played. He learned from his mistakes. He made moves at the right moment, and like he said: timing is everything in Survivor. I think that should be the number one rule and he should make his own Cochran rulebook. The underdog took the win.

    Some sidenotes:

    Erik is like Francesca in a certain way, unfortunatley stuck at the same place they ended the game last time and never being able to move past that point. Must be very frustrating but perhaps it was meant to be.


    " I chose to flip for the gay guy and the three hotties, that was the beginning of the end".


    The teeth thing she pulled with Dawn was uncalled for. It was humilating and quite frankly Brenda looked like a bitter B*itch. I think she forgot they were playing a game. As Cochran said to Brenda, he felt sociopathic. On the one hand he was a person who connected on a level outside the game, on the other hand he was playing the game and in Survivor it is crucial to separate the two. Dawn, in my opinion, did absolutely nothing wrong. Brenda would have won the entire thing if she had stayed. All of you butchering Dawn for that elimination are insane! if you would have kept the most likeable, most physical threat in the entire game because she gave you a gift? Than please let's play Survivor together next time, I'll be happy to play with the lot of you. Let's be honest, that gift is not worth a million dollars and all of you would have the done the exact same thing as Dawn, Cochran and Shelley.


    Crucial mistake in the opening statement. She could have said a million things to perhaps gain one vote, or at least some credit for being there. I hope this is a lesson to all the future floaters out there. She got owned over there. That's not the right way to make it to the end. She did that third place wrong and I think she most have cringed watching that back. That was awfull.


    Still the best competition show out there. I simply adore this show. It is not a waste of time, or predicatble at all. Cochran winning made me emotional. I know what it is to be a fan of this show for so long and I felt his passion. Gongratulations Cochran, you made it as far as Boston Rob, Richard Hatch, Sandra Diaz Twine and you are deserving of it. Underdogs for the win!

  • Snoozefest. Completely obvious and predictable. Waste of two hours. (three if you count a mangled reunion)

    The last few seasons have had one thing in common - pointless, boring final episodes with obvious predictable outcomes, perhaps with the sole exception of South Pacific's finale, which was superb by the standard of the finales surrounding it.

    This episode was just so predictable, so bland and so irritating. I despised the whole Final Three. I had nothing more to gain by watching. It was a waste of time.

    I actually found myself cheering for Eddie after the way soem of these people have behaved of late. I just couldn't take any more of Cochran's arrogance, Dawn's sob story and Sherri's coattail-riding. It was a joke.

    The only worthwhile part of the episode was Brenda forcing Dawn to take out her teeth. There was something vindictively satisfying about that moment.

    A season that was quite interesting for a while and then ended in a really sour note for me. Not to mention the abhorrent reunion show they put together - although I'll talk about that in my Reunion review.moreless

    Apart from Cochran, not the best two at Final Tribal. But Cochran deserves the win. Did he get every single vote? He deserves it. Sherri had absolutely no argument at Final. And her getting sassy with Eric was shooting herself in an already dead foot. She could've made the point that she had run their alliance at the original tribe until the switch up. From there she hadn't a chance to make any move in the game but to stay with the winning hand she was dealt. No water-works for Dawn at Final tribal, probably because Malcolm made her aware the jury didn't buy any of it. So she canned the water festival she probably planned. Cochran said just what he had to to get the win. Loved this season.

    I dare you to name a season when there were more blindsides and betrayals as there were in this season. This season even had the most medivacs in Survivor history. Plus a mental breakdown (Brandon) and a nervous wreck. What a season. I noticed Sherri is not asked anything at the Reunion just as it was at the Final Tribal. Also, seems like Brandon was completely left out of the Reunion and his situation ignored. Hope Brenda wins Player of the Season. Damn, Malcolm won it. Brenda deserves it. She's such a lovable person. She even forgave Dawn although that backstabbing knife is still stuck in her back. She's a class act.moreless

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