Season 14 Episode 4

Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 4: Rocky throws rocks, Moto loses two.

    Moto finally goes to Tribal Council, even though Ravu still lost. How is that possible? That's just the rules of Survivor sometimes.

    Looking back, the Ravu team is an absolute mess. I'm at the point where I think the major problem is Rocky. He's such a drag on a team that needs as much positivity as possible, and even wearing a woman's tanktop with coconuts stuffed into it isn't enough to cheer them all up.

    Before getting into the Immunity challenge section of the episode, one big event is that Gary leaves the competition after his health continues deteriorating. We don't really get to know enough about Gary, so I'm less interested in him leaving and more interested in how it effects Dreamz, who has quickly become my favorite player on Moto (he also gets the line of the episode: mispronouncing the word 'soliloquy')

    At the Immunity challenge, Moto laughably defeats Ravu, and it looks like they're going to eliminate another member. However, Jeff shakes things up by offering the winner of the challenge a bottle with a note in it, similar to last season. It gives Moto a chance to keep their immunity, but only if they move camps. Basically, they'd give up their comfort, something I think is the whole reason they're as strong as they are, for immunity. As a result, they give it up and go to Tribal Council to remain in their camp.

    Here, we're introduced to the Lisi/Stacy/Boo/Alex/Edgar alliance. A Yul Kwon/Becky alliance this is not. Lisi seems to be the kingpin behind this, and she's no Yul Kwon from last season. Her alliance is predicated on the fact that they're going to stay strong heading into the merge and make it to the final five, but one of their members, Alex, is already questioning the moves they're making. Lisi wants Liliana gone, which makes no sense, since she's stronger than Cassandra.

    Liliana ends up getting voted out over Cassandra, something that shocks Liliana, surprises no one, and likely irritates Alex. Here's hoping Moto's game can become more interesting than that of Ravu's.
  • Brilliant!

    A really interesting episode in which the best moment was the huge dilemma faced by the tribe that won Immunity. I would have made the same decision in all honesty, because those lucxuries will help them win more challenges in future, and surely they have at least one disposable member.

    What would have been more interesting is if Ravu had won, because then the dilemma would've been even bigger!

    I'm sad to see Papa Smurf gone home the way he did/ Definitely not the way you want to go out. :(

    And also really sad with what definitely went downat Tribal - not a good move in my opinion. I think this could cost them eventually, but we will see...
  • Ravu for the first time doesn't go to tribal concil!

    WOW! Finally for once Ravu doesn't go to tribal concil! I would only keep the comfort if I knew I was strong and not a threat to someone. I like Rocky! He is awesome! Everyone doesn't even care they lost! Come on! I would be pissed off! Rocky and Michelle are my fav! I hope they get to the final 2! Moto should of voted out Cassandra and not Lillian! Cassranda sucks at everything like that one guy said. Lillian was strong and they should of kept her! Anothney how ever you spell it can't even ballance good! It needs to work harder!
  • What is wrong with these players?

    Last season was so riveting with the division at the beginning starting an uproar that proved to be very entertaining( and not in the least bit racist!) I have not been able to see any stand outs in this run at all, does anyone else fear we may lose our favorite show?

    Very few times in all of the Survivor seasons have I ever felt they were 'scripted' and this time seems so predictable. I really hope it gets more interesting soon, or am I just in the wrong frame of mind this season?

    Any way for being my favorite show and sometimes have watched the innertube version 2 and 3 more times just to see how things came down in previous seasons (Cook Islands)
    maybe just not clicking with the islanders this time.

    Any thoughts?
  • A double boot episode with an unusual (and cruel) twist.

    I really enjoyed this double boot episode that had an unusual (and cruel) twist, although I think that next week looks to be even better as Survivor is bringing back a challenge they last did on Survivor: Palau.

    It seems as if Moto is the new Koror tribe from Palau as they are, to date, undefeated in all challenges, be it reward or immunity challenges. However, I feel as though Moto made a huge mistake in choosing to vote out Lilianna. Casandra was ripe for the picking as she was clearly the weakest link on that tribe. As for Moto's decision to chose to go to tribal council rather than give up their luxurious camp, I have to agree. I think that one of the main reasons that they are winning all of these challenges is because they are so well rested and so well fed.
  • The haves keep winning and eat well the others keep losing.

    I was going to give this show a 0 until I saw what other TV it was up against, and it was just above a test pattern. This whole concept is a real bad idea. There are only 7 people playing Survivor, the others are at Club Med Fiji. The last few years has been a strong decline, this year they should offer it for download on the net only, as they are stealing the advertisers money.
    This is the lamest season ever. I think they should put the producers and others on the other island for a week with the supplies and stuff they had. In 2 days they would be crying for help and see just what they are going thru instead of being in air conditioned huts with unlimited food. I think the producer all the staff should be left there until they come up with a good idea for the show. They would starve to death.
  • Moto made their biggest mistake thus far. Have the tides turned?

    Well, for someone who claimed to have gotten past his emotional outbursts, Rocky sure had quite a few tirades in this episode. I never liked the guy, really. I'll admit, he's pretty fun to watch. Jeff phone. Come on, you've gotta love that. I did feel bad for Anthony, though. Does Rocky realize how much of a whiner he is? In any case, I didn't like Rocky's 'I was taught to be a man, so I gotta act like one' mindset. I won't get into that, though... probably shouldn't start a rant of my own.

    Gary left the game to receive medical attention... can't say that was a huge shock, but it was a disappointment. Everyone seemed to genuinely like Gary. Although... what was with Lisi's comment about "better odds for everyone"? To be thinking like that, she must've been playing the game too hard. I think a situation like that would call for forgetting about the game for a moment. I wouldn't be surprised if more people thought the same way as Lisi, though.

    Well, Moto is still undefeated, but there was a twist to this immunity challenge. Sacrifice comfort for immunity or sacrifice immunity for a tribemate? Hm, tough one. Well, not for me, but it certainly was for Moto, seeing as they picked the wrong one. These guys came to play Survivor. They shouldn't've had a problem with having to live on Ravu's camp. Besides, they had the numbers. They should've kept that advantage. But after seeing more of Moto... maybe Sylvia was right about them. Maybe they would've fell apart if it wasn't for their shelter. Still, their decision caused them to vote out the wrong person. Did Lisi and Stacy really think that Liliana was a threat to their alliance or did they just not like her? I'm gonna have to go with the latter. If they were really interested in keeping their tribe strong, they should have voted off Cassandra (who is very Cirie-esque, I have to say). And speaking of voting off the weakest, did Dreamz try the whole "let's do this with honesty and openess" thing that Aras tried in his season? Mhmm. First of all, Dreamz seems like a good person, but I can't say I liked what he did. I mean, was it really necessary to put everyone, espeically Lisi and Cassandra, on the spot like that?

    Well, the two tribes are even in regards to numbers now. Is this the break that Ravu needs to finally win? It looks like Rocky and Dreamz are going for round two in the next episode. I'm hoping Yau-Man finds the hidden immunity idol. It would be a breath of fresh air to see someone other than the Terry or the Yul or even the Gary Hogeboom kind of people find it, if you know what I mean.
  • Moto not so strong now, huh? At least, it was till the 5-player alliance screwed everything up. It's weird how I am so pissed at Moto right now, yet I enjoyed this episode a lot.

    An episode in which there is at least 40 minutes of airtime for Moto, their true colors are revealed, and they're not as "cool" as they seem. Their motives are questionable, and now I want Dre and Cassandra to do something so badly, because Lisi and Stacy are officially driving me crazy. I can't say too much for Ravu since there wasn't too much airtime this time, but I don't understand how you would envolve Stacy and Lisi into the alliance, because they are completely arrogant. And Dre was outspoken but correct. Lisi is one of the weakest players.
  • Still sucks to be orange.

    I have always agreed with the surprises and twists of this show, except lately. I don't agree with letting one team starve and the other to get fatter. I mean, I understand one might be losing because of what they don't have, but the creators should step in once in a while and give them maybe a little food. The Moto tribe last week cried about the Ravu mocking them during the food challenge. Isn't that what the Moto tribe does, everytime they win. Someone always looks over to the Ravu and smiles smugly or rubs it in their face. I would love to see the Moto tribe without fire for a day, or water or food. The one thing I liked about this episode was the twist at then end. Instead of giving up your bed (to strangers that are very dirty) you decide to vote someone off. It goes to show they are spoiled and don't really know what the game is all about.
  • A harsh episode for the Moto Tribe; first they lose Gary to his health and then decide to keep their camp and vote out someone. The castaway booted turns out to be Liliana.

    I thought this episode was kind of sad, kind of intense, and kind of annoying all at once. Rocky is really starting to get on my nerves, always blabbing his mouth about one thing or another. At the very beginning when Rocky was yelling at Anthony constantly which eventually lead to Anthony breaking down and almost crying, I felt bad for Anthony to have to deal with Rocky all the time. The Reward Challenge showed the same results: Moto winning. I can't say I was surprised when they did. But after that, things started to go bad for Moto. Gary was evacuated from the camp due to health reasons and Jeff revealed at the immunity challenge that he would be out of the game and the Tribes were now 8-7. I was sad that Papa Smurf was gone because I liked him a lot and was hoping that he'd stay a while longer. The Immunity Challenge was a bit interesting with Moto having to decide to keep their camp or keep their tribe together. In the end, Liliana was booted and I can't say that I'm sad, mostly because I didn't care one way or another if Liliana made it any farther in the game. Overall, I say a 9.2 for this episode.
  • worst survivor ever!!! The moto tribe has it all and that was not a good idea. Instead of survivor, it should be called 5 star hotel for the moto tribe.

    As i said it was painful to watch and it gets sooooo..... boring to see the moto tribe win ALL the time!!! In my opinion this is the worst survivor yet and ive seen all of them. The positive is that now the tribes are even and at least the other tribe has a fighting chance since liliana got voted out at tribal council. I think that the Moto has it all!!! for moto they have everything a couch, a bed, Food, and even Spices!!! It's just not fair for the other tribe. Bad idea, bad survior, and bad entertainment.
  • All about numbers!

    I actually wasn't shocked that Gary would be leaving as he was really in bad health. But you could tell that he didn't want to be leaving. Ravu really gets so cocky and overconfident and that really cost them in challenges. Moto wins all the time. But there was a twist in the end. Despite winning, they could have chosen shelter and vote off someone. Or not vote off someone and move to where Ravu is living. They kept their shelter but it meant sacrificing someone.
  • Review

    So let me get this information straight...

    Moto Challenges Won- 6
    Ravu Challenges Won- 0

    Moto Members Left- 7
    Ravu Members Left- 7

    Seems very fair. I thought Gary needing to take leave was a huge twist in the season, but after Moto won the immunity challenege again I didnt think it would make too much of a difference, right up until they gave Immunity to the other tribe. I thought the surprise inside the bottle was very unfair in the aspect of the game, because Moto was the only one that was going to be really affected by it. Had Ravu won they would have kept the Idol, there was no way they would have traded a memeber for the other camp, no matter how desperete they are for comfort. Survivor is the ultimate numbers game and Moto was the only one at a disadvanatge by winning that tribal council. Either way I thougt both challeneges in this one were good, though I beleieve both of them have been used before (or similar ways) on Survivor. I dont mind them redoing some past challeneges, as they still provide a drama to the show that camp cannot bring either tribe. I thought this episode was solid, with challeneges taking up about 12 minutes of the 42 minute airtime, which I thought was a good proportion. Id like to see a little more challenege footage, but I wont complain so long as we keep getting two. This game is even though the numbers say it should be anything but...