Season 2 Episode 11

Let's Make a Deal

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

The day after Jerri's eviction, the Barramundi tribe is feeling good. "Ding-dong, the witch is dead!" proclaims Keith. The only exception is Amber, Jerri's closest ally. Amber feels isolated because the group didn't tell her that Jerri was the target. Keith says it was a mistake for Amber to ally herself with Jerri.

Meanwhile, the Outback atmosphere has taken its toll on the castaways. The tribe has run out of food and hasn't eaten in 24 hours. Keith resorts to chasing grasshoppers, while other tribe members unsuccessfully try to fish.

The castaways are thrilled to find that their reward challenge is a food auction. Each tribe member gets $500 to spend on whatever they choose. Everyone earns a nice haul. Nick ends up with chips, salsa, crackers, and beer; Elisabeth enjoys chocolate and peanut butter; Amber has fries and Mountain Dew; Keith buys barbecue chicken; Tina wins cookies; Colby gets coffee and an energy bar; and Rodger gobbles a cheeseburger.

It doesn't take long for the castaways to feel the after-effects. Back at camp, nearly everyone starts feeling sick as they rush off to do their business.

As the rain continues, the overflowing river has come dangerously close to the camp. The tribe realizes it will have to move its tent soon.

The tribe has gotten tired of Nick's laziness. Rodger and Elisabeth are disappointed because Nick seems to be saving all his energy for the challenges instead of doing any work around camp.

The immunity challenge tests the castaways' ability to make fire. The first person to build a fire and light a fuse wins. Nick jumps out to an early lead, but Colby works more carefully to build his fire. His patience pays off, and Colby's fuse lights first, handing him immunity.

Back at camp, the lack of food has reached dangerous levels, and everyone is getting very weak. Jeff Probst comes to camp and makes the castaways a deal: he'll give them several bags of rice, but they must give him their tarps and Colby's giant Texas flag. The tribe has little choice but to accept the trade, leaving them with food but no shelter. They try to build a new structure, but it's less than comfortable.

As Barramundi goes to tribal council, Keith is so secure in his safety that he doesn't bring his bag. This earns him a vote from Nick, who sees Keith as arrogant. Elisabeth and Rodger vote for Amber. But the decision is a foregone conclusion, and the four Ogakor votes are all for Nick. He becomes the third member of the jury.
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