Season 16 Episode 7

Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • They're falling like flies at the moment...

    Well, this gaem gets more interesting by the minute! So Kathy quits. Well, I feel dorry for her, but seriouslty? You made it through half of the game already! You can go further than this!

    Meanwhile, on Malakal, Tracy thikns Ozzy is too huge of a threat and is arrogant. Is Ozzy arrognat? Well, wehn you use a dictionary and look up the word 'arrogant', there is a little picture of Ozzy right beside it.

    Meanwhile, the challenges were both great! The puzzle element, in particular, was good! I loved the blindofolded rolling of the big weheel! and I also loved the Immunity Challenge with the big crank!

    Tribal was interesting. It's a shame that nobody stuck to the plan. There was a great chance for a blindside there. Tracy was definitely my favourite FAN, beyond doubt! She and her groups has ALWAYS been in the bottom, and she always managed to find a way to keep them and herself alive. Unfortunately it didn't go that way on this occasion...

    I'm loving James and his comments about 'they should be dead'! And also Cirie - she's os loveable! I can't wait for the netx episode!
  • Another 2 players bites the dust.

    I really can't believe it. Kathy gone because she couldn't take it. Thats just **** She knows what she's getting herself into when she enters the game. Aside from that, a pretty nice episode. Erik basically drolled over Ozzy in this episode. And yet he was the one that really wanted him out just a couple of weeks ago!

    Then at the reward challenge where Erik gets to experience his first reward challenge coming into the game. Followed by a little boob action going on in the shower as Cirie put it. That was an hilarious line said by Cirie.

    As for Tracy being voted out, I can't really blame them. As much as I loved her enthusiasm to play the game the best she could, I guess it wasn't enough. An average episode I think. But not bad overall. And for the next episode, Erik is the one getting hurt and may have to leave. I can't take anyone else getting hurt.
  • good episode...

    So, Erik like worships Ozzy. It's halarious watching Erik watch Ozzy and learn from him. It is really like Mufasa from Lion King teaching Simba how to be a lion. Anyways, I just thought that was funny. Yes, Tracy is gone! I really don't like her. Ozzy is slowly showing his true colors and I'm not liking him. He's arrogant. I still don't like Amanda or Cirie. The golf vendor (I can't think of her name on the top of my head) quit. I was sad to see that. She wasn't an amazing player, but still. I think if Jonathan was there she would have stayed. I miss Jonathan; he was my favorite. I guess I'm rooting for James now. Overall, it was a good episode.
  • The Fans aren't making themselves look very good...

    Another person left the show this week and the fact that it was Kathy wasn't a huge surprise to this reviewer. However, her words leading up to her hopping on the boat and leaving showed a person who was fairly clueless about the game's conditions. I expected that the " Fans " were going to be well aware of the fact that life can be difficult at times for players but Kathy seemed out of her element five minutes into the episode. Given how she and Chet performed this season, I can imagine there are a few rejected show applicants who are seething at what they saw recently.

    Other than that, it still looks like the million dollars is going to be handed to Ozzy in the end unless someone takes a chance and tries a blindside.

    A good episode but if Ami had gone through with her plan and it worked, it could have been a classic episode.
  • Ozzy is Da Man!

    I don't think Ozzy is a bit arrogant as he is trying to win. Sure the women think he is but I think that Ozzy is a one-man show. His team may have the brawns but they lack the brains and they shouldn't fault Ozzy as he isn't a one-man show. They win reward but their immunity losing streak continues as Kathy quits the game. As she can't take anymore of the cave plus she is missing her family. Twice in a row, two people go home at the same time. As this will get even only better and better. As it has been after a slow start.
  • Review

    Kathy quitting put everything I said about last episode into perspective. You know youre coming on Survivor for 39 days and you simply dont make that commitment unless you know you can do it. Bottom line - she doesnt want to be viewed as a quitter but in the end that is exactly what she was. She causes the producers to not have any twists down the line of a double elimination and wastes space on the show in general. She was never interesting to watch and she is a quitter and will always be remembered as such. Ozzy was nuts in the reward challenge and even better in the immunity challenege. I cannot believe that they let them come all the way back. You could not ask for a higher lead then that. Overall - solid episode but Kathy leaving really brought it down for me.
  • Ozzy and company finally won a reward challenge but their losing streak at immunity continues. Kathy left the show because she could not take the stress of the cave, and for the second week in a row two people leave the show.

    Ozzy is a great individual player but his desire to win has cost his team dearly. When he voted off the strongest player because he saw him as a threat, he weakened his team. Keeping Cirie on the team is not doing them any favors.
    The number of players is dwindling fast, the fans are falling like flies. I had thought they would have a better showing. Right now it looks like an All Stars edition with a few throw ins. I hope that something shakes up the game, because unless something happens, it will be an all favorites finale and in my opinion that would not be good television. I want a fan to at least get there for some drama. We need something to save this season.