Season 1 Episode 11

Long Hard Days

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2000 on CBS

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  • As the game starts heading into its final days, the players struggle more with the elements and themselves than ever before.

    This episode has a bit of sadness over it. Colleen Haskell played the game extremely well. It was a bit sad to see her go despite the fact that we all knew, herself included, that she would be called for jury duty simply because she was the last Pagong. She handled the vote at Tribal Council very well and had some very smart and kind words for the remaining players. In a small way I was glad to see her go because she needed medical attention for her badly injured legs. Still, it would have been nice to see her make it further in the game. as far as the episode itself, I agree that Sean should not have said he was going to take Kelly on Reward with him. It would have been better if he kept his mouth shut. There was no need to upset Kelly like the way he did. It may not have been intentional, but he should have had the foresight to realize that was a bad idea. Overall this was a very good episode, but as I said it was also one of the saddest.
  • Pagong: A Dying Breed

    Kelly's mistake to leave the alliance could have costed her the game sooner than it did. You see her go on an immunity streak, starting with this episode. She could have made better choices with the reward too. I mean, she wanted to be on the reward, but then when Sean asked if he should take her, she said to make whatever decision he wanted to. I don't understand then why she gets mad when he does just that by not picking her.

    Colleen didn't even know that she could have made it longer in the game. Survivor history could have been different if anyone other than Kelly had won the immunity challenge (although, it might not have changed that much). It won't be long before Colleen Haskell drops off the face of the earth. I wish I knew what she was doing nowadays. It's a shame, too, that she'll probably never appear on the show again. She's such a great player.
  • Poor Collen!

    In hindsight, Colleen is one of my favourite castaways over the course of this season. She was really funny and likeable. I do wish she could have survived longer.

    The Reward and Immunity Challenges today were both decent without being great. I hate how the IC and RC both got minimal screentime, particularly the Reward, where we skipped half the questions. That was a little disappointing.

    Sean's decision to take Richard was awful. I can't stand it one bit when a castaway fully promises to take one person then doesn't do so. It is an unneccessary promise to make if you do not plan on living up to it. Stupid idea.

    Oveall, I am disappointed that Pagong is gone. I liked most of them. :/
  • Kelly, the next target of the Tagi alliance won immunity causing Colleen to be voted off.

    The episode started with Sue angry with Kelly because she wimped out on their alliance and wanted to look to the jury. At the reward challenge Sean won a night out on a yacht and could choose one person to have breakfast with. Originally Sean said that he would take Kelly, but when decision time came, he wimped out and took Rich instead which made Kelly feel disappointed. As a surprise Sean got a surprise visit from his father and he got to show his dad the beach he had been living on for a month. At the immunity challenge, Sue, Rich, and Rudy made Kelly their next target, but she won immunity. Now deciding between Colleen and Sean, Colleen became the last original Pagong member to be voted out.
  • Colleen last of the Pagong gets sent packing!

    Colleen slips and is sent packing as Kelly saved herself
    And would win a few more immunities & a reward
    During the next episode while Sean enjoys a night on a yacht
    Free with massage and dinner as well as a visit from
    His firefighter dad. There have been cracks in the Richard, Sue, Rudy, and Kelly alliance now that they are bickering!