Season 20 Episode 14

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on CBS
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Tree Mail is a Sprint electronic with videos from loved ones. At the reward challenge, the castaways meet their loved ones who are able to participate in the challenge as well. Jerri wins the challenge and chooses Sandra and Parvati to join her. While the girls are away, Russell tries to assure the other guys that he'll be with them in the final three as a revenge for not being chosen for the reward. Later that night, Rupert angers the others while he tends the fire and chops wood. Then, after Parvati wins immunity, Russell decides to flip back to his alliance with the girls and vote out another hero.moreless

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  • The best is yet to come...Russell didn't got outwited by sandra.Change the game's rules to allow the best to win.Russ should win the fan's vote for " Player of the year".moreless

    Wasn't my personal favorite...Russell played it real cool, and ended up making the right decision, and not letting himself be a fool by voting sandra... What I didn't liked was seeing Rupert's final look to Russ as if he was to blame for him being eliminated. I mean he was so rusty during the whole season that he deserved to go...The only threat he ever pose was being a hero...

    As to the last episode I am glad Russ is going to the final three. He is by far the real winner. Would be nice for him to win the fan's vote.I am sure his arguments would be the most important part of the final Council.

    I just hope the rules will be changed and the winner may be picked in a different way then the peer's vote. I mean this game can be played in different ways and although Russell is pretty ruthless he deserves to win on the fact that he played really really well. I see a lot of opinions that his play style is faulty, but I disagree. It's quite effective. People are scared out of their wits to go against him.And he is a great controller. Even though it seems highly unlikely to win I have a bit of faith, because sandra hasn't shown anything, OK he managed to play him 1-2times as to her play it's quite embarrassing having won a big nothing, having had an alliance that got eliminated pretty early and she only stayed in the game because there are stronger people to eliminate. I don't think she deserves the money or the title of Survivor. It's funny how she appears in the seasons with strong villains.First Johnny Fairplay now Russell. She just seem so ordinary and boring that noone takes notice of her.And OK some may argue this is good as it helps her progresses. Perhaps but it's not a merit of her own. She couldn't convince anyone to vote Russell. She didn't even had the brains to show her idol so that she can threaten some people to join her. Where's the brain in here. Give that idol to Russell and he would have eliminated anyone.

    Regarding Parvati I'd say it is more complicated. She wouldn't have gone up to here had it not been for Russell's support. Strong player in challenges but strategic moves where rusty. Russell could have outplayed her so easy and got her eliminated but he knew she was someone who could be a nice ally.That being said her attitude shows her poor skill. She tried to be a version of Russell but didn't do a good job. Simply because Russ dominated her. She thought Danielle wouldn't go and got proved wrong. So it would be nice for a change on the rules of Survivor. In the sense of eliminating the council at the top 3 and making it elimination until only one remains. With this in mind Russell would win for sure. He is pretty good in challenges and the only time when he doesn't win is when he doesn't needs to.

    It's quite disturbing how the people going to the Tribal Council-a bunch of frustrated, weak, outplayed, hypocrite, poor skilled and less witted people get to decide it. I was reading what Danielle said about the fact that she is going to vote for the one who played a stronger game, and she brought it the morality of all this. Funny how she changed her thinking about being carried by Russell the entire game and having only one merit: the fact she voted with Russ and Parvati on the Tyson vote.But then again you can't expect more from her. The embarassing way she left showed how much she deserved to be in Survivor. After betraying Russell and going all the way with Parvati she had the audacity to feel betrayed. That's what happens when you loose focus.

    This has been by far the best season and I got no doubt we will see Russell again and soon.

    Russell all the way.moreless
  • Rupert's overconfidence cost him!

    With Danielle gone, Rupert is at an all-time high. As family members come to visit. Jerri wins and choses Sandra and her uncle, along with Parvati and her dad. As the men go back grumbling. Russell, at his lies again, works his magic as the men will go 1-2-3. But then again, one of the women wins immunity. As Sandra knows that Rupert says he has the idol. But in reality, she has the idol. And decides to play it at the last minute. Her votes don't count against her. While Rupert's does and his overconfidence he pays for in the end. With Colby now the only Hero back. Final four now! Four Villians and one Hero.moreless
  • After Danielle was voted out, Rupert returns to camp overflowing with confidence that he is one step closer to winning the game. However, he may have spoke too soon.

    While this episode is a good one, it is one of the weakest of the season (If not, the weakest.). It was predictable from the start with no surprises at all. From the minute Rupert started boasting about how confident he was he was going to make it to the end, I knew he would be voted out at Tribal Council if he did not win immunity. The same could be said for Russell saying over and over again that he planned to vote out Parvati. It could not have been more obvious that she was going to win immunity.moreless
  • What a spectacular episode!

    This was yet another breathtaking one. It was quite suspenseful at various points, and it was full of interesting moments, but I think it was pretty clear who would be going home right from the get-go.

    The reward challenge was spectacular. I really enjoyed the fact that the relatives of the castaways were brought back for that challenge, and they were allowed to partake in it!

    Was very glad taht Parvati came out on top in Immunity, as she is one of my two favorites, along with Jerri.

    A decent outcome. I haven't seen him in earlier seasons, but I wasn't a huge fan of Rupert in this one. Colby is a huge surprise as the last Hero standing. If it weren't for James, he wouldn't have even made it to the merge!

    Can't wait for the finale! It promises to be a spectacular one! Aweomse episode, and please keep it up!moreless
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