Season 16 Episode 8

Lost Puppy Dog

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • Interesting episode! Some interesting things start to develop!

    This season is very good, and I'm hthoroughly enjoying every minute of it! While this episode wasn't the best of the season, it was still very exciting for sure! I loved the fact that each tribe sat somebody out, giving them free Immunity, and I also thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, but I wish there had been two challenges instead of one! I am also a little sutrprised that Ami is not on the jury, so I'm guessing it might be a Final Two this time...

    Malakal is going terribly at challenges! They are really doing awful, but most of Malakal has alliances over on Airai, so things could very easily change after the merge!

    Meanwhile, Parvati starts being crafty! <3333 Offering Natalie and Alexis a spot in the Final Four along with Amanda! I wonder if she is just trying to get their votes, or if she legitimately intends to get rid of Ozzy and James earlier than expected! Should be very interesting to see!

    Tribal qwas interesting. Very disappointing to see Ami go home. I haven't seen her original season, but I certainly loved watching her on this season, and she was very likeable! Sad to see her go home...

    Can't wait until next episode! Especially with the merge coming... I wonder what will happen!
  • Why I watch the show!

    The season is getting more interesting as the trust and loyality of Ami is called into question. While Ozzy, Cire, and she lose immunity for the fourth straight time and chose Ozzy again to go to Exile Island. As he finds out that his fake immunity idol has been taken. And that of course, we know that Jason has it. While James, Eliza, and their winning tribe receive pizza and beer. Cire despite her not being physical. Is very smart and intelligent. Erik knows that he is in trouble as the last of the fans on that tribe. He sways the favorites and helps blindside Ami. Really good episode!
  • An "Above-Average" season has an "Average" episode

    I love the Survivor drama, I really do. I like watching the camp life devolop and having people fighting with each other. This does not change the fact that this show needs 2 challeneges spread out over the episode to keep me entertained. Challeneges (and the following reward) should be about 15 / 42 minutes, with Tribal Council being 10 leaving Camp life with about 17 minutes to do its thing. Combining the immunity challenege and the reward challenegs throws off the blanace that I look for in an episode of survivor. Nothing about this episode stood out, to me, to warrant extra camp life. A lot steamed from Ozzy about having a tarte on his back, but was saved in this episode when he had to go to exile island and have free immunity. The game is down to 10 now and with the merge on the horizon in the next episode I look for a lot of loyalties to switch around.
  • Ozzy and his team lose again, Cirie is still there, nothing new except someone who worked around camp is gone and the slacker in chief still plots along.

    This is getting boring. Next week if they do not merge which I hope they don't another member of Ozzys team will bite the dust, and another yawner episode.
    The plotting and planning used to be good tv, it no longer is. It is boring, especially when most of the show is devoted to it and not what it is like to survive out there. I want them to put the producers there for a week with just the rations provided almost none, and let them switch places with the contestants. They will come back with some great ideas of what the show should show us.
    This show needs something new.
  • I actually really loved the strategies they played in this episode.

    This episode was very good in my opinion, because each player used very good stragies to try to keep them in the game longer and a lot of the truth finally comes out to the people's faces such as Ozzy.

    Ami tried her best to keep herself in the game as long as she could and I admire her doing everything she could to stay, even if that meant telling every last bit of the truth to Ozzy in tribal council But I guess it just wasn't good enough. And I think she might have stayed longer if there was actually more people on that tribe.

    As the merge comes very soon, it's only going to get more difficult to trust people, especially after what happened in this episode.
  • The tears of one fall on deaf ears...

    With the season approaching the usual time for a merge, scrambling for position begins in earnest and this episode showed two people doing just that.

    For Erik, he realized he was next to leave the game until he changed things up. To do this, he spilled his guts to Ozzy about all the scheming that has been directed at him before.

    For Ami, her scrambling consisted of trying to bond with Cirie and Amanda and saying repeatedly that she was loyal to the alliance. However, at a dramatic tribal council, despite Ami's tearful pleas, Ozzy decided that she couldn't be trusted and Ami headed home.

    It was interesting to see Ozzy protest the notion that he was the leader and such yet when he returned from Exile Island, he seems to have made the call as to who gets evicted.

    An episode that shows the end game machinations are fully under way for some...good stuff!