Season 15 Episode 5

Love Is In The Air

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 5: Erik and Jamie find love (ugh) and Zhan Hu throws a challenge.

    There's one thing I hate in Survivor, and that's "love I hate it when two players supposedly form a strong physical connection/bond. I honestly can't explain why I hate it. Or let's put it this way: I hate the way they portrayed it this season with Erik and Jamie. It sort of appears out of nowhere, and it couldn't be more awkward.

    The big twist this episode is that each tribe is able to choose the two strongest members from the opposing tribe and steal them. Of course, the move goes exactly the way you'd expect for Zhan Hu, and James and Aaron switch sides from Fei Long. As a result, they're outnumbered three-to-two and are immediately on the chopping block.

    If thats not enough, Jamie and Peih Ge decide throwing the challenge is the best way to make sure both tribes have even numbers heading into the merge. Boy, I understand that strategy is a part of the game, and that Jamie and Peih Ge are simply pulling a manuever, but I feel James and Aaron's pain. You fight as hard as you can and your teammates throw the challenge to prepare for something that hasn't happened yet.

    I think it'd be a whole different story if Jamie and Peih Gee weren't laughing the entire time. They treated it like a joke. It makes for fun television to see twists like that, but it also made me want to see them disappear from this game. They also pulled a slimy move by convincing Aaron that James was going, even though they were prepared to vote Aaron out that whole time (and James actually WANTED to go!) It's a weird episode, and one that wasn't really all that fun to watch.
  • A twist turns the game around, and one tribe is able to take advantage of it

    I am really suprised that everyone hated this episode, I actually liked it. The twist was a little dumb because it put the strong players at such a huge disadvantage. Fans love these players and it doesn't make sense for the producers to set it up so that they are likely to get voted out. I did like the twist because it involved a lot of strategy on whether you should throw the challenge or not. Jaime and PG made a good decision and it was really funny when they obviously threw the challenge. The whole twist and waiting for them to see what it was made it very interesting. It was funny how they assumed that they would be the only ones getting people from the other tribe. I could not believe the one tribe picked Sherea, instead of someone like Erik. Although the twist made it a lot about luck, the yellow tribe was able to outsmart the red tribe so that they could send home one of there strongest people.
  • Bad switch, stupid girls.

    It really hurt me to watch this episode. I think the switching of the 2 members was very stupid. Of course they are going to get voted off. It isn't fair to the ones being switched, plus the tribes were working so well, and they worked so hard to make a good tribe, it was a freebie for the tribe not doing so great. I really hated the switch. Aaron was a really good player and didn't deserve to be voted off like that. I really hate those 2 girls now, throwing the challenge, I hope Erik gets a back bone and stands up for himself. Poor James is next, I really don't want to watch next week when the girls will be all 'high school' again. I really hope they don't merge so I can see them suffer at the camp and at challenges.
  • Switch of tribes!

    Despite James being the strongest member of his tribe, he really is getting to get onto me. As he has been nothing but a jerk. As switching of the tribes took place. Erik & Jaimie have a "moment" in the river as Erik reveals that he is a virgin. But out of this, reveals the immunity idol where it may be. Aaron and James go to the one tribe as the former tribe that they were on, now gets Frosti and Cherisa. Things go pretty good despite the switch with a some fruit to get things starting on the right track. Jean-Robert tries to act like he's working but really all he's doing is saving his rear. The team that Aaron & James are on find out that the women threw the challenge as Erik is forced to join them in voting out the leader Aaron. Despite Aaron being cocky and arrogant, I wished it was James. Because now James is doing nothing but complaining.
  • This week on Survivor: China, the teams had a tribal switch and Fei Long won immunity, sending Zhan Hu to tribal council. Peih-Gee and Jaime threw the challenge to try and get rid of one of the new tribe members, and in the end, Aaron was eliminated.

    This episode was probably the worst so far, because it was very boring and hard to watch. First off, a tribal switch occurred between Zhan Hu and Fei Long, which I thought would be interesting, but instead, it was the most boring tribal switch in the history of Survivor, because it was not shocking, and each tribe got the choice of who they wanted. I liked the tribal switch from Survivor: Marquesas, where you stepped on a circle, and your tribe was handed to you. At the immunity challenge, the most exciting event of the entire episode was Jaime and Peih-Gee throwing the challenge! At camp, Aaron and James knew they were on the chopping block! No surprise there! Finally, Aaron was sent home! Nothing major happened, and the promo from last week was supposed to give us a shocking event ever! What a waste! I love the show, but I almost fell asleep this episode! This season has definitely turned into a real BORE!! Yawn.
  • While not my favorite story line, they had to do something to change Survivor from being predictable. I thought this was an interesting change, not the one the teams thought it was to be but all in all a change that they and the audience wasn't expecting.

    I think this is one time that we are the faithful will not be able to figure out exactly what is going to happen in the next week. I like being surprised once in a while.
    The girls throwing the challenge will come back to haunt them, as they screwed up royally. The rules as they think they knew them are going to be different.
    This year has some interesting twists, so far so good. I saw some of the clips about the series on the internet on the CBS website, can't wait to see the Great Wall of China challenge.
    Is this the best year ever, no, but better than I had anticipated.
  • two people are screwed...

    Each tribe is allowed to choose two of the strongest from the other tribe. So, two members of each tribe switch and get screwed. They are outnumbered and there is little to no chance that they will survive council. James and Aaron move to the other tribe and lose the immunity challenge, because the rest of the team threw it. Aaron is voted out, which is sad. I thought he would make it pretty far because he seemed like a good strategic player and a strong guy, not to mention that he's hot. Oh well...the episode just wasn't very interesting, in my opinion.
  • Mistakes by some people can make it more interesting, if thats a silver lining.

    Its a yucky episode that leaves a bad after taste and you have to wonder what would you do if you were part of the elements that made that happen? Firstly as some have pointed out, the most guilty party must have been the producers. Could they not have foreseen what might happen? I didnt. Unless in the next few episodes this twist brings about interesting results, this would be a bad move. Question, if you were the producers, what would you now? Would you "punish" P.G. for her "brilliance"? OR for making them look stupid? At first I thought the chosen 4 would form a new tribe, which would be interesting since they would be the "strongest" of all, but as we have seen, anything can happen and its usually the spirit or character of players that end takes them far. Guilty party number 2 would be P.G. and her partner in crime. I think the only thing they were guilty of was the inability to compose themselves! If you were going to plot something to unsportsman-like, don't be a shmuck about it. Aside from risking a possible back fire, you look real bad and silly. If you were in their shoes, what would you have done? Because guilty party number 3 is Probst, if you consider what he did was meddling. I think he was doing his job. At times it does seem like his actions/words are way too influential in the coming episodes. I wonder if he knew more and was trying to steer it in some ways. I dont know enough of the production to say that, may be some of you would. He is almost like a regulator, not sure I liked what he did in this episode though he is mr Survivor host.
    Had P.G. did it maturely and calmly, she could be the female version of Yul, at least at this point being very strategic.

    If her prediction came true, her plan worked. From what we know now, say next episode James did get voted out and a merge happens at 5-5 with the other team getting the immunity idol, then what? I think P.G. showed not only her thinking ahead, whether its the right move at least she was doing that PLUS, she was saving her own tribe which I must say is very nice, she showed faith in her own tribe. Of course if I were to bet on her, I'd say she be voted out sooner than later, if she thinks James is the greatest physical threat, others might see her as the greatest strategic threat soon, since she didn't play it cool like Todd did.

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  • Review

    This isnt survivor. Im aware that the three remaining members of the yellow tribe are playing the game, but the person in research and devolopment who thought of this twist is garbage. A two year old could have made the assumption the tribes with merge at ten and sometimes I think Survivor wants it to be 5-5 to set up the big episode. We are going to lose James next week, unless the red tribe calls yellows plan and throws the challenege before they can. I think the episode itself wasnt that bad, but to sit here at my house and watch as the producers of the show handpick the people that are elimiated (and two great players at that) this is the worse episode in the history of the game. Switch them up and make it everyone random, like always. Dont let the weaker tribe handpick the two strongest people so they can throw challenges. What was the point in even having one? Garbage.
  • A Twist screws 2 people over

    This was a very mediocre episode in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for twists in the game, but when it screws over 4 people along the way, just for being strong that's when it gets me. You're not supposed to have to worry about your own strength until the merge when they want you off. But being "punished" for your strength and getting stuck in the position of being the minority in your new tribe sucks. Why couldn't they just do random drawing from a hat or whatever, at least that's somewhat fair.

    anyway, they never said anything about this switch being perminant, so perhaps they'll switch back next episode. Now that would be a twist.

    While most people in America hate Jaime and PG for what they did, I think it was a smart decision. What else were they going to do, it was a smart move after a dumb one by the show.

    Anyway, predictions for next week. if the tribes stay as they are, James from Xuan Ju or either Sherea or Jean Robert from the other tribe (I can't seem to get these names memorized). I don't think Jean Robert fits into of the other tribe members plans, so if anyone but Sherea or Frosti go, it's gonna be Jean-Robert.
  • Here was an episode that showed how frustrating it can be to be on the show.

    Poor James. Tried his best to no avail, destined to lose the challenge anyway. It was a good scheme, yet it may backfire. The girls threw the challenge, and had a hard time not laughing the whole time. Then they voted off one of the big strong guys that they kidnapped. James clearly wanted to go, but they voted the other one, and this always makes it more interesting. Will he be able to gain their confidance and work with them? Will Eric and Jaime fall in love? Not likely, but that aspect adds some fun to it as well. It's fun to watch, but if I were on the show, I would totally be frustrated with the team that threw the challenge.
  • PG and Jaimie's Smartest Or Dumbest Move Ever In Survivor History

    Many people were appauled by PG and Jamie's actions in the episode last night. To be honest with you, they played the game with their brains. The numbers were there and all you had to do was do the maths. If they were to win the challenge, the red tribe MIGHT vote out John Robert ORRR vote out Sherea or Frosti which would bring the number of original zhang hu tribe down to 4 which would be a fatal blow for all zhang hu original members if they were to merge. In fact, tonight's twist was the only chance zhang hu could stand a chance to win before getting voted off one at a time. So PG and Jamie actually did Erik, Sherea and Frosti a huge favor. And more thing is that the finger shouldnt be pointing at PG and Jamie...instead, people should be pointing their guns at CBS' Survivor China's Producer for that dumb twist. The least they could do was to say that the tribe mates that were switched will not be allowed to be voted off for one or two episodes..that would have avoided teams from throwing the challenge...i think (although a different scenario just popped in my head that says that people might still be throwing challenges)
    In the end of the day, that was a bad twist but a good twist for the Zhang Hu tribe.
  • Relief Since James IS Safe haha Ironic

    James is Safe Its Ironic since that dork Anthony, Adam I mean Aaron who cares he left! Tries too vote out James and its him haha! Those girls are mean PG and the blond.. The switch was a good speaking of those girls thier Dumb thinking they would gain 2 memebers I mean seriously talk about stunned out people. The Callenge I agree with James the whole trowing the challenge was really ridiculous I love how Jeff pretty much made her Confess her sins. The Challenge was good but nothing too amazing I think Post Challenge was great! JB the mastermind poker player needs to go.
  • the tribes swap two members.

    I really did not like this episode os Survivor all that much. The first half was not all that bad it was pretty funny in fact. I really thought it was funny that the yellow tribe thought that they were adding two new members to their tribe and that it never crossed their mind that the would loose two of their own. I know that teams have thrown challanges in the past but I was really disappointed that the girls of the yellow tribe decided to throw the challange to get rid of one of the members that they took from the red tribe just so they would have better numbers for the merge. I was really happy that they did not vote out James becuase I want him to win the whole thing.