Season 14 Episode 5

Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 5: You guessed it: Ravu loses, and Lisi face plants.

    I just feel bad for Ravu at this point. There's a deep-seeded dysfunction within their tribe that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. There are members that I like on that tribe, such as Earl and Yau-Man, but because they just can't pull out a win, their tribe has to dwindle.

    This week, we see Rita voted out. Not really a surprise, and I don't really care all that much, since she just seemed to be one of those faceless players floating in the background. At this point, I'd like to see Earl and Yau Man win, and if I had to chose someone from Moto, it'd be Dreamz or Alex, if only because they're the only likable ones.

    At this point, the only thing the show could do to surprise me is either merge the tribes or merge the tribes and force the Moto tribe to live at the Ravu instead, meaning all their rewards would go for naught.
  • Things get intense!

    Wow the Reward challenge seemed too intense with the way Rocky was acting. But in reality, it proved to be nothing more than another whitewash.

    Ravu looked like they could pull something off and surprsingly be up in numbers despite still being winless going into that IC, but once again they faltered as usual.

    Yau and earl is an interesting pair and they've got all the idols clues between them since Sylvia is out. I wonder how deep that thing is! Would take a lot to unearth it...

    Sad to see Rita gone out. She was likeable enough for me, so I'm not particularly happy with it. Hoping that Ravu can pull something off, but Moto is being really arrogant towards the two outsiders tbh...
  • Ravu loses both challenges and Rita is voted out.

    Ravu sures needs to get their act together. They lost all their challenges so far. Cassandra I don't like! She is a b***h because she knows that she doesn't really have any friends and was going to get voted out last time. She trys she is so good by pushing Rita off with her fat but she is slow at running! Haha. I don't think when Ravu was talking that someone said they should get weird of Rocky because he is one of the best. That would just be dumb but I guess it doesn't matter now seem they are changing tribes next episode and he is ont of my favorites.
  • I keep hoping Ravu is going to win one of the challenges and receive food to get some nutrition.

    I think it is a shame that Ravu hasn't won a reward challenge yet. I feel the other team is taunting them and making it harder for them to keep their spirits up. The show has been good and different from shows in the past. I feel that some how a twist has got to happen to help Ravu out. I think it's time to merge the teams and make this a really good show. I know tempers will fly and back stabbing will take place once they do merge.
  • Moto wins again (but it's a close call) and Lisi does a face plant in the sand!

    This was a decent episode of Survivor; certainly not great, but it had its moments. The bottom line is that Moto keeps on winning. Things in the two camps are getting much more interesting, however, as relationships (both positive and negative) continue to develop. Alex realizes that his five person alliance includes two people (Lisi and Stacy) who are down-right rude and disrespectful to their own Moto tribe mates, which isn't a smart way to play the game. The highlight of this episode (and possibly the season so far) is watching Lisi face plant during the immunity challenge when she tripped over her own feet. Now THAT is entertainment for all...
  • Ravu continues to lose and we get to see a little more of what is going on at the Motto camp.

    Overall, this was a decent episode, but I am tired of watching Ravu loss. It was so disappointing that they were completely destroyed in the reward challenge. The immunity challenge was even more frustrating because they came so close to winning but Rocky blew it at the end. I would have liked to see them get at least one win before the tribes got switched up, but it should be interesting to see how the new tribes work out.
    For me, one of the highlights of this episode was getting to see what has been going at Moto. It was interesting to see what people were planning to do when the tribes merged. It was good to finally see some of the strategies people were using at their camp. It was also interesting to see how mean Lisi and Stacey can be. I love how this season has some really unlikable people to route against, but I wish there were more really likable people. At the Ravu camp noting to exciting happened. However, I did think it was interesting to see how they handled the idol. It was cool to see two people working together to get it. I did not really like the parts leading up to tribal council. I found that I did not really care about who went home. It was a pretty good episode but it would have been a lot better if Ravu could have won.
  • Is thr orange tribe ever going to win.

    I thought that this was a great episode. I think that it is really funny that the orange tribe can not win a challange. It was funny to see the green tribe went back to camp with there thrid set of fishing gear. I do not think that the orange tribe is ever going to get a break. I really want the orange tribe to get rid of Rocky I think that he bring a lot of negitivity to his tribe and they would be better off to get rid of him. I thought that it was funny to see the green tribe worrying about the numbers for the merge.
  • Still sucks to be orange.

    Well, I recorded this one and fast forwarded the challenges. I think it is unfair that one tribe has everything, and the others have nothing. I don't have any favourites yet, but I know my vote is for Ravu. My only hope was that the previews for next week look like Moto gets a turn for the worse. Good on them, they are making fun of the game. I hope Dreamz comes over, he seems to win all the competetions for them and they don't even notice. The two tribe members Moto doesn't care about, are the most important. It would just be nice to see Rocky eat real food.
  • Another night of Survivor and another chance for Ravu to break their loosing streak. Will it happen?

    The Ravu tibe are still struggling. At the reward challenge they lost 6 straight rounds before Yau Man – yes Yau Man won a round. They then quickly lost the very next round and once again Moto wins. The Ravu tribe goes back to camp more down then ever.

    Back at the Moto tribe Alex is paying close attention to how Lisi and Stacy are treating other tribe members, especially Dreamz and Cassandra. He even tries pulling them to the side and talking to them about not alienating 2 members because they might need their vote later on but they won’t listen to him. I’ve got my fingers crossed that in later shows Alex will turn on the two of them. Dreamz also reveals to the camera crew that him and Cassandra are now going to flip to the other team as soon as they merge.

    On to the Immunity Challenge and Ravu has to finally win something right? It’s a memory match game. Easy, all you have to do is pay attention. My favorite part is when Lisi runs and falls face forward into the ground. I actually rewound it and re-watched it… twice. The challenge comes down to Rocky, he has the chance to make a match that will win the game. He blanks. He can’t make the match and gives the win to Moto. They go back to camp and Rocky admits that he did screw up but then he also puts a lot of blame on the other tribe mates saying that they were loud and talking over the top of each other so he wasn’t able to get good information before he had to make the match.

    In the end Ravu goes back to tribal council and they vote out Rita. Why? Because it seems that Rocky doesn’t like her conversational skills… Humm… makes a lot of sense to me. It has gotten to the point now for me where it’s not fun to watch. It’s all too one sided. I had made a comment to my hubby earlier in the show that they should switch the teams up and make everything exciting again. And it appears from the previews for next week that they may be doing just that. I’ll be very happy to hear it if they do – I think it will help make things a bit more balanced.
  • Ravu still struggling, but Moto may have a chink in their armor.

    Yes, Moto won two more challenges in this episode, but we saw that there may be a chink in their seemingly impiercable armor. What I'm referring to is what Dreamz alluded to and the rest of the tribe, with Alex at helm, are well aware of. That is, if Moto wins two more immunity challenges and Ravu has to vote out two more tribemates, that would leave three Ravu members to 7 Moto members. However, because Dreamz and Cassandra aren't really wanted at Moto, all they have to do is bond with the Ravu members and the numbers will be 5-5. I was actually quite impressed with Dreamz that he was aware of this. As for the challenges, Rocky lost the immunity challenge for Ravu. I loved the "sumo" reward challenge. We haven't seen that since Palau.
  • The Ravu Tribe continues to struggle at camp while Moto continues living the good life. The Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenges were a bit too easy for Moto to win and Rita was voted out of the Ravu Tribe.

    Things just keep getting worse and worse for the Ravu Tribe. I was happy that Earl and Yao-Man made a pact to find the Immunity Idol together. Having more clues, Yao-Man dug with their machete (not an easy task to do while Earl lead everyone else out of the camp to look for food. The search, unsurprisingly and unsatisfactorily, did not yield any results. At the Reward Challenge, Ravu members went down one by one until Moto was leading 6 to 0 and it was Yao-Man's turn to battle. Thankfully, he managed to knock off Moto's member and made the score 6 to 1, restoring hope to Ravu. The hope was shortlived however as Moto easily won with a victory from Cassandra over Rita. The Immunity Challenge was a close one, tied 6 to 6 at the end. But then Rocky blew it by uncovering the wrong board and I thought that he should be sent home. But the still-undefeated Ravu Tribe voted out Rita 5 to 2 votes. I can't say I cared that much whether she was gone or not, but I hope Anythony won't be next like the Tribe was planning... I give this episode a 9 out of 10.
  • Review

    Break this episode down into three sections. The first being the social aspects- I thought way to much attention was given to the hidden Immunity Idol during the first 10 minutes of the episode. I didnt think that was very exciting, though I did enjoy watching the view that the rest of them got to see. I thought that the reward challenge was really good. Dispite the fact that Moto dominated the challenge 7-1 I felt the excitment of the challeneg from the very beginning. The immunity Challenge was really boring. Watching Rocky mess up at the end when he is the one that wants to win the most was really a heartbreaker. Of all the people to cost his team Immunity I didnt think it would be him. pretty average episode if you ask me, nothing special really happening. Next week looks a lot better
  • What goes around will hopefully come around.

    I held out such hope for Ravu tonight to get a win in at least one of the contests, reward or immunity. What happened? They come so very close only to fall short at the last.

    Oh goodness, some members of the dominant Moto tribe are showing classic signs of deluded overconfidence, I'm mainly referring to Lisi and Stacy. Overall that is not really good to do, at least for very long. Or it well may be the underdogs of the tribe for the better (in which I'd like to see). Both girls seem to believe the ones outside their alliance can be easily discarded but they may soon discover that if they do stick with their five they'll probably find themselves at the bottom of that five's pecking order. One of the best examples was in Guatemala (Season 11) where Nakum went into the merge six to Yaxha's four, and Danni of that four came out on top and won.

    And speaking of Lisi, let's hear it for her terrific face-plant at the immunity challenge. Such grace, tee-hee. I don't know how much longer the Moto power clique can enjoy being in charge for the next episode looks like there's going to be a shake-up of sorts. Just gotta stay tuned.
  • Deju vu!

    Again Moto keeps winning and it is like deju vu
    All over again for them and losing all over again
    For Ravo, they are losing and most of the reason is That they don't have teamwork, chemistry, and most of all
    They are living like you know where. As Moto lives in
    Luxury but now there are cracks in the core of their Once strong tribe! Finally we see it!
  • hmmm....didn't I watch this last week?

    I wanted Ravu to win so badly. I knew from the start they weren't going to win the first challenge...even without the lack of food factor, the challege just didn't seem very close. Ravu right now has 2 guys who are a physical threat, Earl and Mookie. Rocky has yet to proove to me that he can do squat, he talks a big game but doesn't back it up. Pit those guys against Boo, Dreamz, Edgardo, Alex, and heck even Cassandra, and they don't stand a chance. That's why I'm glad they did the memory game, at least give Ravu a chance...thank you! I was up on my feet the whole time cheering for them...but i knew in the back of mind they were destined to lose. Another thing I got out of this episode is that Alex is way too smart and the two Moto girls are just plain dumb. Have they not seen Survivor before, treating people like scum can only come back to bite you. Alex was bright enough to at least look ahead in the game. As far as favorites goes, i'm going to have to go with Yau Mann. I honestly don't think he stands a chance, but I always cheer for the old guys. Can't wait until next episode when they FINALLY switch tribes up...that otta be fun
  • Great to See Moto Tribe Dynamics

    This episode was good even though Ravu lost both challenges. Rita was sent home, I didn't expect her to go far. The best part was how Moto is so divided. Alex and Edgardo are completly over their alliance with Boo, Stacy, and Lisi. They saw how cruel and how much they think they are in control. They know nothing about this game and don't know how much they are gonna get targeted because of their acions. Dreamz and Cassandra are on the outs but they will flip when they merge. This shows a lot for the rest of the season.
  • I keep tuning in hoping this season will get better...and it doesn't.

    Yet another episode with Ravu losing both challenges. But come on...a brawn challenge when only one tribe has eaten anything. I want Ravu to win...but at this point I don't even care. If this season doesn't improve I think I'll just stop watching. Well I won't stop, I have to see how it ends, but it will be one of those seasons you forget about when it is done.

    There aren't really people to root for this season. Typically as you watch the season progress you start to know more about people and start to get your favorites. This season there isn't really a single person you can put any support or emotional invsestment into. Thank goodness tribal council is starting so the episode is almost over!