Season 23 Episode 15

Loyalties Will Be Broken

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • The Twenty Third Season Ends

    A disappointing and predictable season of "Survior" ends with a surprise at the end. After Ozzy (Who despite his overconfidence deserved to win.) was voted out I believed that there was no way Coach could lose. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Dragon Slayer get slayed once again. I was surprised that the jury voted the way they did. Considering that many saw Coach as a father figure and being a veteran player they may have felt he was more deserving than the others. That just shows how much I know. One thing I do very much agree with is Albert being shut out at the final vote. He had no friends during the run of the game. He, in my opinion, did not do anything besides bitch and moan and belittle his fellow tribe mates. Coach and Ozzy have said repeatedly that this will be their final appearance on "Survivor". As disappointed as I am over Ozzy not winning, it's time for him and Coach to say good-bye and make room for some new players. On to season twenty-four. See you there!
  • Before this episode began, I quite disliked the person who won, but after viewing it, I don't mind the outcome too much. (Spoilers ahead!)

    Well, where to begin. Perhapd the beginning?

    Well, Ozzy got back in. Very disappointing to see. And then he wins Immunity! So Rick goes home, which was completely expected and predictable.

    The second Immunity CHallenge (and the first as well) where great challenges! I really loved both of them, and finally Ozzy lost on the latter occasion. Had it not been for Sophie, then Ozzy would've been the winner, which is one of the reasons why I think Sophie deserved to win. However, having said that, Coach still would've gotten my vote. As Cochran said, he played a great game and absolutely deserved to win. Shame that he was aunable to accrue more votes.

    I don't particularly want to go into an in-depth review. The finale had quite a bit of predictability, but there was also a fair bit of excitement. I loved the challenges, and I loved the jury interrogations!

    I hope next season will impress more, though.
  • Ughh, of course you know who won

    I'm not even going to go into an in-depth review but to say that Sophie did not deserve to win... The person I least wanted to see win out of all of the top ten to be completely honest.

    This season has suffered from players who are just making us bored. It is all about this fake, stupid honour and loyalty garbage. What a nightmare, both Survivor and The Amazing Race have been overly weak in both their latest season. What the hell is up with the two shows these days? Two of my favourite shows have suffered from being among my least memorable latest season of both shows.

    Ozzy should have won, but Coach Wade and the evil mastermind that is Sophie just ruined it all. One of the worst seasons of Survivor, definitely. It was just one of predictable, non interesting boring final outcome editions. That was normally the older of the old seasons, but now Survivor is heading downhill. I am also sick of Samoa being used as the location, and the lack of thought put into challenges. They should get rid of Redemption Island, as I find absolutely no use for it.

    WHY again.. Why did it have to be Sophie... Manipulative, and just undeserving. Freaking hell. Placing the lame cast this season along with the poor effort put into this edition to Survivor just makes me disappointed in reality TV as a whole. Bad outcome, predictable and just cringing. Ozzy was the most deserving, then Coach.
  • Coach got Russell'd.

    Well I sensed Coach would loose from the moment I saw Sophie win the Immunity Challenge... For someone who cursed Russell so much he didn't learnt anything from his misfortunes...He should have brought Brandon and Rick in top 3...Yes there was a chance Ozzy would have gotten in top 3, but if he wouldn't, he would have had a reasonable shot to win...

    I don't believe this will be the last we see Coach and Ozzy...They will comeback...