Season 23 Episode 15

Loyalties Will Be Broken

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • Ughh, of course you know who won

    I'm not even going to go into an in-depth review but to say that Sophie did not deserve to win... The person I least wanted to see win out of all of the top ten to be completely honest.

    This season has suffered from players who are just making us bored. It is all about this fake, stupid honour and loyalty garbage. What a nightmare, both Survivor and The Amazing Race have been overly weak in both their latest season. What the hell is up with the two shows these days? Two of my favourite shows have suffered from being among my least memorable latest season of both shows.

    Ozzy should have won, but Coach Wade and the evil mastermind that is Sophie just ruined it all. One of the worst seasons of Survivor, definitely. It was just one of predictable, non interesting boring final outcome editions. That was normally the older of the old seasons, but now Survivor is heading downhill. I am also sick of Samoa being used as the location, and the lack of thought put into challenges. They should get rid of Redemption Island, as I find absolutely no use for it.

    WHY again.. Why did it have to be Sophie... Manipulative, and just undeserving. Freaking hell. Placing the lame cast this season along with the poor effort put into this edition to Survivor just makes me disappointed in reality TV as a whole. Bad outcome, predictable and just cringing. Ozzy was the most deserving, then Coach.
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