Season 23 Episode 15

Loyalties Will Be Broken

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • The Twenty Third Season Ends

    A disappointing and predictable season of "Survior" ends with a surprise at the end. After Ozzy (Who despite his overconfidence deserved to win.) was voted out I believed that there was no way Coach could lose. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Dragon Slayer get slayed once again. I was surprised that the jury voted the way they did. Considering that many saw Coach as a father figure and being a veteran player they may have felt he was more deserving than the others. That just shows how much I know. One thing I do very much agree with is Albert being shut out at the final vote. He had no friends during the run of the game. He, in my opinion, did not do anything besides bitch and moan and belittle his fellow tribe mates. Coach and Ozzy have said repeatedly that this will be their final appearance on "Survivor". As disappointed as I am over Ozzy not winning, it's time for him and Coach to say good-bye and make room for some new players. On to season twenty-four. See you there!
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