Season 28 Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Spencer makes a critical error but manages to right his ship. Also, Morgan says a little too much at Tribal Council.

    The current season seems to be holding its own. So far we have seen quite a few good episodes. There was actually a little genuine suspense in the mad search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. For the first time in quite a while I was seriously hooked on the episode when Woo found the clue that Spencer did such a great job of hiding. In the end though I am certainly happy for Spencer. If Woo or somebody else had found the Idol they would be rubbing Spencer's face in it all the way to the end. As I have said previously Tribal Council has been a high point of this season. That trend continues with this episode. I don't know what got into Morgan. I don't see how her arrogance would not create resentment towards her. Though it was a close vote between her and Tony, in my mind she sealed her own fate. Speaking of arrogance, Kass has just become unbearable. I certainly hope that she is \called for jury duty soon!
  • Predictable but interesting.

    We haven't had too may predictable boots throughout the course of the season so far, but we did have one today. The preview of Morgan vs Kass coupled with the situation of the game in general was not hard to interpret and we got a boot that was rather expected.

    However the episode was a very itneresting one nonetheless, due to the idol hunt, the idol discovery andthe sheer brilliant fierceness of Morgan.

    Next week looks promising - Solana could cplinter apart - I REALLY hope Woo is out next or soon or something - can't stand the guy, he is SO boring, lulls me to sleep.