Season 25 Episode 14

Million Dollar Question

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • The twenty fifth season ends with one of the best finales in Survivor's long history.

    "Survivor: Philippines" was one of the great seasons of "Survivor". One reason is this very good final episode. There really was no clear winner here. In many cases it could not be more obvious (Rob Mariano during his most recent appearance for . Also, this episode kept the viewer guessing right until the end. When Denise gave her opening statement which screamed arrogance and condescension, I was convinced she had shot herself in the foot. I was a little surprised to see I was wrong. I think it's pretty safe to say that the jury had nothing but contempt for the three finalists. Their closing remarks to them were clear evidence of that. Penner clearly was trying to sabotage Lisa's chances at victory. It looks like he succeeded. The look of anger of Abi's face said more than one thousand words. In the end, I congratulate Denise on her victory. On to season twenty six.
  • Sixth time in a row.... (Possible Spoilers for

    Sixth season in a row in whch the person I hate wins. Evfery winner since Natalie on Samoa has been someone I have hated, or at the very least (in Fabio's case) slightly disliked.

    Lisa really should have won. Her or Malcolm. I don't think Denise did much strategically. She was a force at challenges pre-merge and did well to survive Matsing, but I don't think she did much from Matsing onwards.

    The actual episode was pretty dull too. That IC advantage thing was a dull twist in my opinion. I would have preferred to have another Immunity Challenge and end up with a Final Two, which would have been a nice fresh change of pace.

    The Final Tribal Council was pretty good. RC redeemed herself slightly in my eyes by only casting a vote for Lisa. It's a shame nobody else saw how amazing a game she played. :(

    Oh well, maybe Season 26 will break the trend. I hope some of those 'Favorites' are good people...