Season 25 Episode 14

Million Dollar Question

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Sixth time in a row.... (Possible Spoilers for

    Sixth season in a row in whch the person I hate wins. Evfery winner since Natalie on Samoa has been someone I have hated, or at the very least (in Fabio's case) slightly disliked.

    Lisa really should have won. Her or Malcolm. I don't think Denise did much strategically. She was a force at challenges pre-merge and did well to survive Matsing, but I don't think she did much from Matsing onwards.

    The actual episode was pretty dull too. That IC advantage thing was a dull twist in my opinion. I would have preferred to have another Immunity Challenge and end up with a Final Two, which would have been a nice fresh change of pace.

    The Final Tribal Council was pretty good. RC redeemed herself slightly in my eyes by only casting a vote for Lisa. It's a shame nobody else saw how amazing a game she played. :(

    Oh well, maybe Season 26 will break the trend. I hope some of those 'Favorites' are good people...
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