Season 13 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 8: Two Aitu members switch tribes, Raro still loses

    Boy, what a great twist. It was a classic Survivor switch-up, with Jeff offering each tribe a chance, before the Reward Challenge, to jump ship and switch tribes. For awhile, I was positive that Aitu was solid, but as it turns out, Candice is a sneaky player and she jumps ship, leaving Yul's alliance in the lurch.

    If that wasn't ridiculous enough, Jonathan follows her, leaving Aitu with four members and Raro with six. It's a great moment for the season, and probably one of the better shake-ups in Survivor history, up until this point. However, the ramifications aren't seen in this episode, as Aitu bonds and whoops Raro in both challenges. I'm a huge fan of underdogs, so when Aitu beat Raro in both challenges, I was happy.

    Things get really interesting on the Raro side. While it seems logical to get rid of Jonathan, since he's a loose end that doesn't really fit, Nate brings up a great point: Jonathan will never be able to switch back to Aitu's alliance. He's indebted to them, so it's unlikely that he'll ever flop again. As a result, Brad, who has always sort of been a fringe player in Raro, gets the boot. Even more surprising is the fact that Brad is a member of the jury, something that is likely to affect his decision in terms of who he would vote for at the end.

    At this point, it seems like Raro will be able to simply pick off Aitu members one by one. However, that group is solid, and Yul still has the hidden immunity idol. If those members can win individual immunity, and Yul uses his idol wisely, the tables can turn yet again.
  • Fascinating, absolutely!

    This episode is an iconic episode in the course of Survivor. Something happens that hasn't happened before and hasn't happened since (at least at time of writing). An episode to truly remember and one that is definitely pivotal in the course of this game.

    Candice ws the star of the show. She is cut throat and I love it! Some might think she betrayed an alliance but I think she is a terrific player! One of the best on tihs season for sure. As for Jonathan, he followed someone's lead blindly, and it could cost him. He doesn't fit in as well as Candice over there, but if he can fanegle his way to the merge, you never know!

    Brad didn't seem to fit in with Raro so the vote wasn't a surprise. What definitely surprised the castaways is his incluison on the jury. This is not a surprise for someone who has eventually seen later episodes before this season, but for someone watching things cronologically, it is a big turning and shaking point and a huge shock!

    Looking forward to see how this game pans out!
  • As usual the guys are not capable of sticking together...

    ....and they vote out Brad instead of Jonathan (or Candice) for some reason.

    But I don't think it will matter that much though.

    Candice Candice Candice! Sometimes one might make hasty moves, and this was certainly one that I think will mean that you shot yourself in the head. Maybe you were too eager to play the endgame with Adam and Pavarti "overthere", and couldn't wait. I think it was a spontaneous desicion that totally revealed your intentions, and also totally revealed Pavarti and Adam. And of course, what could Jonathan do, he immediately followed as he knew he was on uncertain territory, given her a lot of deadweight to carry into that new tribe. Sneaky of her to right away start to backstab-talking about Jonathan. Now revealing the whole caucasian alliance she probably just killed them all.

    On the flip side, that Mutiny made Ozzy and Yul's team sooo much stronger, and I think in a way it was a blessing for them. They got quickly rid of two people without any social drama, and could bond and find new loyalties with each other.

    Candice's mutiny probably was the turning point for the whole game...and I don't expect it to be in her favour. I feel she just made Yul and Ozzy more powerful.

    Kind of rooting for the Yul/Ozzi-team now, and it will be exciting to see if they can form some sort of new allicance.

  • Without this episode, Survivor Cook Islands would definitely be a different story.

    In a shocking twist, Jeff Probst announces that the teams may mutiny and join the other tribe. Everyone is pretty sure no one will do anything. Raro believes Brad would mutiny, but doesn't. Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Sundra are then completely blindsighted by Candice and Jonathan's decision to mutiny. Pivotal move, and Aitu is now losing hope, but then winning the reward challenge changes things. Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Sundra learn to work together, become stronger people to overcome any possibilities, and create a bond and friendship. Aitu 4 till the very end.
  • Candace and Jonathan leave their tribe

    Before i start my review, it's Christmas Day and I only watched this episode yesterday so I'm a little late in my review. I didn't know who won until I accidentally saw it in the forum when I was scrolling down. It would have been nice if people didn't write the winner's name in the subject and just alluded to the fact that that thread is about "the winner" instead of the person's name. Now that I know, is there really any point in watching?

    I was surprised that Candace decided to go to the other tribe. That told me a lot about the kind of person she really is. You don't abandon your team no matter what. I was even more surprised when Jonathan decided to go as well seconds before time was up. I would have made sure that one of them was sent packing since I, like Nat, could never trust either one of them given the fact that they felt no allegiance to their former team.

    I was shocked that Brad got the boot purely because I would have thought one of the defectors would have suffered that fate.<br>Jonathan certainly knew how lucky he was as the expression on his face said it all. He was mighty lucky but his days are numbered.

    Good episode though because I thought it would go one way and it did not!

    If ever there were 'heroes' and 'villains' in a reality TV show, the pivotal event of this episode certainly goes far to unmask the characters and intentions of the players in this piece of social theatre.

    As soon as Jeff offered up the chance for each of the contestants to switch tribes, the one person i half-expected to do so without hesitation was Jonathan, staying true to the self-serving, Machiavellian conniver we've all come to love to loathe.

    What blew me, however, was the fact that Candice chose to backstab her supposed allies in such a public forum. Cute as she is, i didn't think she thought it through as thoroughly as she should have, considering the implications of such a move. Then again, maybe the cute ones are the ones you should be most wary of.

    Maybe she thought she would be more comfortable hanging out with the other crowd, with a greater number of her ilk (i.e. original Raro members). Or maybe it was just Adam, to whom she had been exchanging fleeting glances for a while now (the makers of Survivor don't miss a beat, don't they?).

    With a few seconds remaining in the alloted 'mutiny' opportunity, Jonathan was beginning to disappoint me. However, with Candice's impetuous - or cunningly devious, whichever way you look at it - decision to flip, Jonathan's hand was forced, being inexorably linked to his fellow Raro tribemate after stirring the pot with his scheming ways back at Aitu.

    To me, Jonathan's particular strategy of having a finger in every pie in this series of Survivor had sealed his fate long before this moment, no matter his decision to mutiny or not. But the fact that he did was just all the more fitting to the overall storyline and goes to show how small innovative tweaks to a trusted formula can make any old series even more compelling. Again, kudos to the makers of Survivor.

    However, the irony of this episode - as Nate alluded to - was the fact that the one eventually voted out, Brad, was the one who opted to stay loyal when all signs indicated he should have jumped ship. He would have known from his independent rhetoric back at camp that he was on the outer, but probably chose to stay for fear of what message such a betrayal would have said to both tribes.

    Whether out of fear or favour, he chose to weather it out in a fractured tribe that he hoped would emerge triumphant in the end. Unfortunately for him, they didn't and he paid the ultimate price. As a consolation, he became the first member of the jury and it should be interesting to see how he'll vote in the end.

    Again, Brad's decision not to jump over to Aitu was all the more fitting as it revealed not only the intentions of individual players, but also the true character of both tribes. It showed that Aitu as a whole were far greater than the sum of its parts and that Raro, fresh from gaining two new members, were a disjointed, lumbering group with no direction or focus, who were rich in physical numbers but poor in heart and soul. Having Brad join Aitu would have diluted such a wonderful tale of heroic underdogs overcoming treachery and adversity.

    Seeing the remnants of the Aitu tribe banding together to win the challenges against the odds gave me such a buzz, especially the come-from-behind immunity challenge win that could have read like a script from a movie. And the tears from Sundra after the reward challenge revealed the signifcance of such a win and just made you want to barrack for them even more.

    The heart-felt exchanges and more tears from everyone (including the normally reserved and clinical Yul) as they savoured their spoils from victory was a reward to watch in itself. Yet again, the producers of Survivor come to the fore by replacing the valued, but increasingly staid, message-in-a-video from loved ones with paraphernalic snapshots from each of the tribemember's lives. In effect, this not only let each to re-invigorate their emotional well-being, but also gave the others a glimpse into one another's lives, thus allowing them develop a strong bond with each other in a short space of time.

    And to witness Ozzy, who up until this episode was generally regarded within Aitu as a handy guy to be kept at arm's length, proudly proclaim that they were "a team to the end now" just made you wish you were apart of this Aitu tribe.

    That's the level of emotional fulfilment i've come to love of Survivor, and if the rest of this series follows the same spirit as this episode, we should be seeing yet more of the Aitu four. Well, that's my happy ending i'm hoping for, at least.
  • A twist in the episode as survivors get a chance to swap teams.

    Candice and Jonathan are the only ones swapping from Aito to Raro, which seemed a very stupid move. Candice had a strong alliance at Aito and could probably carry her far into the game but decided friends were more important at Raro. If I was in her situation I'd wait till the merge, that any she could have kept her alliance with Aito and still be friends with Raro, the best of both worlds.

    As for Jonathan he was a bit of an outsider on Aito and moving to Raro was proved now that he has dug himself a hole, where no one is on his side.

    It was good to see Aito win BOTH challenges, proving that they don't need numbers to win, they just have to stay true to one another. As the weeks go along I'm starting to like Ozzy more and more, originally hating him but now he is a strong, interesting character and hope Aito create an alliance when they merge.
  • Numbers don't always get you a win. It is heart, soul, and most of all, teamwork!

    Just when this season was getting to be pretty boring
    Despite the controversy, the show takes a drastic turn as
    Now I really think that Jonathan and Candice switched sides and for Aitu, all was lost but they won with heart and soul, the reward and immunity challenge. To pay back for what Candice did to them, Aitut sent her on EI. You don't have to win with numbers. You just have to win with heart, soul, and teamwork.
  • Raro and Aitu went into this episode with even numbers. But at the reward challenge, all players were given the chance to mutiny and join the other tribe if they wanted to. Candace and Jonathan switched, to give Raro twice as many people and Aitu.

    With the tribes tied at six, Raro and Aitu were looking ahead to see where they stood in there tribes as far as alliances, and who they wanted to get rid of before the merge. With Jessica gone, Aitu\'s main alliance was Jonathan, Yul, Becky, Candace, and Sundra. That left Ozzy on the outside. Jonathan and Candace returned to talking about riding along with Aitu until the megre and then returning to there original Raro alliance with Adam and Pavarti. Over at Raro, Brad was making a lot of people angry with his comments about the game coming down to every man for himself. At the reward challenge, everyone was given the opportunity to mutiny and join the other tribe. Candace, followed by Jonathan joined Raro, and left Aitu with only four members to Raro\'s now eight. Aitu bounced right back and swept both reward and imunity challenges. Jonathan stirred things up at Raro by talking to Pavarti and Adam about making a final four alliance. But Candace tried to turn Adam against Jonathan by telling him that Jonathan had said bad things about him while at Aitu. But the rest of the tribe had already decided to vote out Brad. But there was one more twist. After Brad was voted out, Jeff said that Brad would be the ninth member of the Jury. So with eleven people left, would that mean there are nine jury members and instead of two finalists there would be three? Just when I thought the season was about to get boring, Survivor mixes things up. If Survivor doesn\'t win an emmy after this season, I don\'t think they ever will.
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