Season 15 Episode 2

My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 2: Everyone trusts Todd, Dave aggressively leads.

    If there was a theme connecting the scenes from each tribe tonight, it's the idea of what it takes to be a leader. With Fei Long, Aaron was pushed into the leader role, and so far, he's really only butting heads with Jean-Robert, who deserves the attention he receives. Everyone else doesn't view him as an aggressive leader, the way Zhan Hu views Dave.

    I was surprised at how this Tribal Council turned out, because I was on Ashley's side. Dave's aggressive attitude doesn't help anyone, and his effort at the challenge was pathetic, yet he's the one that sticks around and Ashley's the one that goes. I guess that's just the way the game goes sometimes.

    Another interesting point of the season is Jamie being forced to reveal the idol clue to someone on the opposite tribe. She chooses Leslie, who immediately goes to Todd to share the clue. Todd seems to get pretty lucky, in the sense that people trust him to align or with information. It's a good spot to be in this early.

    I wouldn't say there's a player that really stands out to be above the others, but in general, each of the players are more fleshed out than the ones in Survivor: Fiji. At least in this one, there are less people, meaning more time to focus on each one.
  • Nudity and Dave not functioning

    Nudity comes in and Zhan Hu just can't seem to work together.

    Well Zhan Hu didn't step up their game like Kucha did. The Cannonball challenge was just lets say revealing. First of all, Amanda's top comes off and then Aaron starts to strangle Jaime and Sherea. Then Denise takes Jaime down. Everyone's nude and even the men. Amanda scores topless and finally the next round, no doubt Fei Long's got it going on. SO much nudity except from James. Frosti definitely proved his worth. For the kidnapping rule, it was brilliant. Leslie shouldn't have told Todd or else he wouldn't have won or gotten James to his side. Dave OMG, he's just worn out and then Ashley's gone. Great installment still.
  • The first reward challange and their is a twist.

    As usual I really enjoyed watching this episode of Survivor besides the fact that Survivor is one of the few reality shows I like. I really did not understand why dave would not let them build a small fire for food while they worked on the fire pit. To me it seems like you would want your team to have some knid of nurishment in them for a challange. I liked how the winners of the reward challange was able to kidnap a member of the other tribe until the next challange and the kidnapped player get to choose someone for the clue to the hidden immunity idol. I was really happy tht they voted out Ashley she was really annoying.
  • Two people have trouble getting along and the reward challenge has some interesting results.

    I feel like we don't know a lot of people yet, but that will come with time. They focused too much on Ashley and Dave, but I guess that is what it all came down to in the end of the episode. I liked the reward challenge. It was fun to see them wrestling and to have to see them resort to taking eachothers clothes off. I liked the twist of a person coming over to their side and giving someone a clue. It was a perfect twist because it wasn't too drastic and it gave people the oppurtunity to use some strategy. The immunity challenge was boring, and I kind of tuned it out and waited to see who won. It was suprising to find out that Dave didn't do well. In the end it was interesting because it came down to two rivals, although it wasn't very suprising that Ashley went home. Basically what made this episode good for me was the reward challenge and the twist that came afterwards.
  • Everything Went The Way I Would Have Expected...

    The red team continued its dominance in this episode - because it is the better tribe in every aspect of the game. Jean-Robert and the other guy on the red tribe having small conflict doesnt mean they are the weaker team - look at what Ashley and Dave were doing on the other side. I disagree strongly with Jean-Roberts pan of being lazy and then one day turning it around. Consdiering hes public enemy number 1 on his tribe right now, if they lose a challenege soon hes not going to have the time to turn it around. He wants to be public enemy 4 or 5, not the guy everyone hates to death right now. He should stick with poker.

    Lots of drama going on this season - seems like everyone is really uptight and not straight this season. Also seems like the show focuses on only 5-6 people because they really only want to show the intense drama. I find myself seeing someone in a challenege and going - who? because i never see them around camp life. Overall - kept me entertained but didnt go much higher then my expectation level. After 15 seasons the show doesnt have too many killer omg episode anymore - its survivor and it gives me what I expect.
  • Knew who would get voted out! Dave is a jerk!

    I knew that Ashley's time would be coming as she really didn't do much for her tribe. She knew that she was going to go. Despite her being a wrestler. Dave I think is a total jerk. And that he is a bully. Problem with him is that he wants to lead but he is a bad leader. As well as not much of a team player. He and that Pei-Ling or whatever her name is, are butting heads. The red team and forgive me if I don't know their name keeps on winning. Despite Leslie, who I like as a Christian, weakness.
  • seems like a more violent season....

    The survivors are fighting in the mud...interesting. They were very violent and rough. It's pretty entertaining to watch, I guess. This episode just developed the characters more and added the hidden immunity idol aspect of the game. I thought it was halarious how the christian talk show host just went up and told another member of her team that she has the clue to find the idol. Is she stupid? Not everyone is as honest and true as she may be. Her kindness and naiveness is going to be her downfall. Overall, average episode. It's the same as all of the others. I wanted the wrestler to stay in the game just to see her try to beat people up. I also found her attitude entertaining. Oh well.
  • There sure are alot of whiners.

    Usually I vote for the underdogs, but not really in this case. The underdogs ended up losing both challenges and sending Ashley home. Personally I liked her, but then she turned whiney near the end, and for a professional wrestler, she wasn't that great, but I guess hunger can do that to you. Since all that tribe did was whine. I'm sorry, if I was hungry, I would say screw you, I'm making a fire and cooking some food. You may be the leader, but not the boss. And it looks like next week they still aren't getting along. I feel sorry for the couple in that tribe that seem normal.
  • Fighting in the mud is always fun!

    This was a classic episode of the series. There was the usual bickering between tribe mates, which results in the loss of the female wrestler, but the real fun was the fighting in the mud. I was a bit surprised at how viscious they were with each other! Pulling off each others clothes is always funny, and having one girl score the first goal whilst topless was priceless. My mom is going to kill me was a perfect title, and a great line from the show, which I'm sure will be revisited. We got to know a few more people, and there was a fun twist as well with the kidnapping of a tribe member, and the giving of a clue to the opposite team. I always appreciate these little changes, they keep things a bit fresher. Next week they seem to get even more viscious, and I can't wait!
  • While not the best first two episodes, this season has a lot of promise.

    This could get interesting, while the one team keeps winning, they seem to not be thinking, although they are more organized. The other team needs help.
    The ultimate mud wrestling match in the reward challenge, would love to see an undoctored version. Ashley, you will be missed, but you should have left last week. Maybe with Chicken there, your team might have been more organized, and at least gotten some fire started so that they could make something to eat, a real stupid move as they ran out of energy in the middle of the challenge.
    I am surprised how poorly these teams doing, not getting a good shelter, not using fire, what are you thinking about.
  • Survivor is the best show on television when it runs, I also love the re-runs on the other networks. Survivor turned out another not to miss episode tonight my review is below. ENJOY!!!! SURVIVOR RULES ALL OTHER SHOWS (Except my other fav's) DROOL!!!!!

    So... Survivor ROCKED it as usual. I am very sad to see Ashley leave. She is a rocker, and best of all a very sexy rocker lady =). And those are my types of people. So I was rooting for her from second one when we met her. I was deeply disapointed that Dave has ruled the roost like he has, bowled everyone over, and leads by demands and petty bickering, and worst of all... pretends to listen to suggestions and goes with what he wants to do anyways. This guy is the worst leader I have seen in a long long time. And I've seen a lot of them. After winning the challenge I do not understand why Fei Long picked Jamie to kidnap. There were other obvious picks that made more sense to me such as Dave, Frosti, or the "second in command" Phei-gee. However the pick was made and she did make a logical choice in sharing the idol information with Leslie (who seems nice, loyal to a fault, friendly, and geniune). Then Leslie made a huge mistake in 1) sharing the information and 2) sharing it with that snake Aaron, who seems like he would sell his first child to get further in the game. I got sick to my stomach when he said that he hoped Leslie would get sick and get voted off so he would be the only person with the information. Sorry Leslie, bad move girl. Jean-Robert "sleeping stratagy" is stupid to say the least. Lazy people do not last long and we should be seeing him go soon unless he picks it up say like NEXT WEEK! Sleeping to conserve energy right before the challenges is one thing, not pulling your weight and being dead drift wood is a whole different story. I do not see his logic in sleeping, playing down your strengths, and then bring them out when nessecery. It is only going to malign his tribe even worse when they get tired of his laziness. But as it goes we always see somebody with dumb stratigies. The reward challenge was amuzing with everyone pulling clothes off of everyone, like that was going to help anything (except maybe ratings and the male sticks). Three last thoughts: 1. I think the tribe made a huge mistake in voting Ashley off, they should have either went with Dave if they wanted to split Dave and Ashley up. Or Peih-Gee for her false type of leadership. Does she really think she levels out Dave? 2. Dave should see his exit soon if their tribe keeps up their ineptness. But how is Fei Long winning with their disfunctional ways. They argue way too much. That will be interesting to see how that plays out. 3. James is a BEAST! I've never seen somebody as fit as him on Survivor. The Survivors would be extremely smart to strike a friendship with him and keep him around right up until the last vote off before the merge. I give him 60% odds of winning if he makes it to merge. The guy is a beast physically and from what we are shown he is very very smart. Socially he is learning too, and he has stayed out of the drama, hopefully he finds a solid alliance that he can carry to the final four of five. Which is five way equation for a solid win on Survivor: China. My favorite was Ashley, very closely followed by James, then distantly everyone else. I think Aaron, Amanda, Erik, Frosti, Jamie, Leslie, and Sherea could easily step up and show their charming sides to become favorites of mine in the show, which easily would be the most I've liked and would not mind winning on Survivor ever. Usually it is four or five, not nine different people I wouldn't haven't minded (Ashely) or mind (everyone else mentioned) winning. Survivor is back in FORCE!

    DISCLAIMER: I L-O-V-E LOVE LOVE Survivor, and have watched it every season from Season one, episode one and have NOT missed a single episode for any reason. Every episode has been Tivo'd then promptly transfered to a CD from there so I can have a copy forever =). I also have every Survivor buff and routinely bid and win on Survivor memorbilia at the end of the season, paying what I must to win whatever I see that I want. I also pay whatever I have to, to get a ticket to the Survivor finally and plan my yearly vacations around these =). So basicly I am the Ultimate Survivor fan! And I am biased on a severe level... If this was politics and I was a democrate think of me on the far left as Michael Moore... Or a Republican (yeeeickkkk) as a far rightist (whoever that might be)... Biased and slanted on every level to make my point right (smiles, and laughs). DISCLAIMER OVER.

    Have a GREAT day or night and ENJOY another GREAT and AWESOME season of Survivor with many more to follow!!!! Survivor has gone back to its' basics and I LOVE it. There seems to be no silly side games such as exile island. And a whole lot more social action and drama. Which makes Survivor the ultimate test for any social skill set. I believe Survivor could be played with the same people 18 times over and have 18 different winners, which makes Survivor great!!!! Survivor rules!!!! All other shows (except my other favorites) drool!!! (I tried to type in all caps so it could look like I was shouting but the site won't let me, so pretend those sentences were in all caps and I shouted it (smiles)).
  • mud wrestling at its finest blurred for that religious lady on the show (kidding), bonding early in the series

    This is my first episode of this season that I have seen.(I gotta see episode one on Innertube soon.) I loved the mud wrestling here. I kind of got ticked that these people supposedly plan everything out, yet the hut was flooded out. I have seen at least two seasons where the huts were flooded out, because they built so close to the stream. One member admitted that he has studied the show since its inception. This episode is the first that I recall the whole clan clinging to a self-proclaimed leader at the start so well. Even an idol clue is shared with little hesitation right away.
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