Season 4 Episode 2

Nacho Momma

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2002 on CBS

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  • Well...

    I was rooting for Sarah being voting off, but no. No worries, she will probably be gone soon anyways, as she is such a useless piece of parasite. That decision, Boston-Rob, to keep her, will probably bite you in the *ss.

    But, please, can you vote off Sean next? He is the most annoying, selfish, obnoxious guy I have ever seen. Just get rid of him...please.

  • No wonder Tricia left.

    Well the mom is gone and she is so bossy. I don't blame Maraamu for losing reward. Gabe was too good. The radio show was hot. Now for the immunity, I don't blame Boston Rob for throwing up. I guess that his immune system isn't really strong. Sarah was right, she don't need no mom. No wonder Marramu can't win when Rotu worked well together in both water and land. I mean it's just that Marramu has a load of older people like Tricia and Peter. This episode kind of sucked but the food challenge was great. I loved it at age 14.
  • No wonder they voted off Patricia

    No wonder that Patricia and Hunter have to manage a
    Younger crowd like Boston Rob and Sean and also Vecepia
    To a lesser degree as they are trying to make
    Their tribe really work. Feel sorry for Gina though that she and the older tribe have to pick up Sarah's garbage and threw it away themselves!!
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