Season 24 Episode 11

Never Say Die

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Troyzan the genius tries to save himself, but guess what happens at Tribal Council.

    I think it's safe to say that "Survivor: One World" is the worst season of "Survivor" ever. All of the castaways are very dislikeable, and the episodes become more and more predictable as they go along. I knew before this episode even aired that Troyzan would be voted out. He pretty much sealed his fate at the previous Tribal Council. Listening to him trying to turn people was a huge waste of time. The women are going to stick together no matter what. Troyzan is a complete airhead. What prevented me from giving this episode an even lower score was Kat crying like a baby because she did not get to go along for the reward. Miss Crybaby provided a little comic relief. Oh! Poor Kat! Shut up and get on with your life stupid. I never thought I would say this about "Survivor" but I can't wait for this season to be over. You don't need to be Nostrodomus to know Tarzan will be voted out at next.
  • Wow that was just awful


    Well that's it - I'm done with Survivor for this season. I really want to know if the producers intentionally picked stupid people for this season's cast. Nobody for the last few weeks has shown any type of strategic skills AT ALL except for Troyzan and Kim - and now Troy is gone! So now the show is nothing more than a battle of the idiots. Congrats Kim - I hope you enjoy your million dollars - you deserve it. If anyone wins other than her at this point it would be tragic. I'll probably tune in for the final hour/reunion show - but I have no interest in watching 6 stupid people make bad decisions week after week while Kim just cruises to the million. Wish Troy had hung around a few more eps to keep it interesting - and man you know the Survivor producers wish he had too! Congrats Survivor - you just lost any viewers who care at all about strategy as well as pretty much any self respecting guy who watches this show. I'd like to see next season be another All-Star type show - but make it the best strategic players from over the years like Boston Rob, Ozzy, Sophie Clarke, Richard Hatch, Parvati, etc. At least pick some smart, strategic players to be on the show next time - otherwise it's time to just let this show die. Carlton was bad enough - helping make this the worst season of Survivor since Survivor: Africa - and maybe ever! Just terrible. I mean really terrible. You'd have to have blinders on or somehow be associated with the show in some way to think this season is anything other than a complete and total utter failure/disaster.
  • Predictable, but oh so enjoyable! (Spoilers ahead!)

    Well this was yet another completely predictable aepisode again, and Manono is rapidly developing into the next version of Zapatera and Savaii. But the difference this season is that I absolutely love these women that are running the show! Kim is a brilliant strategist! Chelsea seems like a really nice person! Sabrina and Alicia are both great characters, although Alicia can be offensive. Christina is a lost one. And Kat is absolutely so cute because she genuinely seems so clueles!

    I hate the men on the game this season - all except Leif probably. So satisfyin to see Troyzan go home, after his charade last week. Ys, it was predictable, but also exceptionaly satisfying!

    I sincerely hope Tarzan is lnext to go! It would be so amazing if the Final Six was all women! But somehow, I think they'll drag Tarzan along, since he's dead weight without a shadow of a chance of winning his game.

    Looking forward to the 'Kat-fight' that starts next week, and things should hopefully start to get a little less predictable from now on.
  • Surprise Surprise

    I'm just frustrated with this season. Really the biggest bunch of idiots to ever play the game. I never would of thought that I would want Colton to still be around to at least make this show watchable. Kim or Chelsea are most likely going to win. If only the guys didn't give up immunity, which was the worst survivor move of all time (I include all future seasons in that). I blame the whole "one world" aspect, if they weren't on the same campsite that would of never happened. Here's hoping for another All star season or something. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on this season, I spit on it.