Season 2 Episode 12

No Longer Just A Game

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2001 on CBS
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The remaining 6 survivors compete in a reward challenge which sees Colby winning yet again. Colby for his reward gets to ride on a horse and have a shower while he has a feast. The 5 others return home to find their shelter destroyed by a flash flood. Rodger worries when he can't find the tin of rice. Tina & Keith hike down the river to find the rice and swim in the water to retrieve the tin of rice. Colby wakes up and has eggs and bacon as part of his reward. Colby is shocked when he returns to camp to find it destroyed by the flood. The survivors work together to re-build their shelter. At the immunity challenge Colby yet again wins. At Tribal Council, Rodger receives 2 votes while Amber receives 4 votes and becomes the 4th Jury Member.moreless

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  • Another very interesting vote.

    Well this episode was cerntered around the flooding of the Barramundi camp. These poor people have been through it all! Bushfires, no food, now a flood! What's next?

    Colby is definitely on a winning streak. He was very fortunate to win the most important reward - he got to be away from camp during those horrible hours.

    Meanwhile Elisabeht almost won Immunity! I was upset she lost because I thought it would mean her departure from the game, but she didn't get a single vote. Another very surprising outcome at Tribal! I wonder if Elisabeth and Rodger still have some chance to keep on going! I hope so!

    Keep it up, Survivor!moreless
  • The tribe's campsite gets washed away and almost loses their rice.

    The tribe starts out happier that they now have rice and can have a nice meal to eat. Colby then won the reward which involved going through a rope course. For winning, he got to go to a ranch and have dinner and breakfast with there. When the others got back at camp, they realized that a flood had washed away their camp and they lost their rice that they previously traded for shelter. At the immunity challenge they had to knock off eachother's plates until nobody else had any left. Colby won again making it four out of the last five that he had won. At tribal council Amber was voted off because she had no allies left and Keith and Tina wanted Rodger in the game instead of her. This was a great episode with the showing true survival.moreless
  • Colby wins again and again!

    Colby is good and he is indeed like one reviewer says

    A man's man as he gets to ride a horse as he seems to have

    ridden a horse many times before growing up in TX

    With his mom on a ranch it seems!

    He gets a feast, also a night out as well.

    While the others have to catch the rice and try to swim to get it.

    Amber gets voted out and later on, she would become All-Star Survivor winner!moreless

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