Season 21 Episode 13

Not Sure Where I Stand

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • Bad move for not voting Jane when you have a clear majority...

    That's what happens when people grow to confident...Sash wins immunity and all of a sudden goes back on his 4 man alliance and decides Benry has to go...Why?Isn't he supposed to be the smart one?Doesn't he know Jane is the biggest threat?What's easier then voting someone with a clear majority?I think this is the power of overconfidence...Personally I hope Sash gets to final two with Dan and Dan wins... Only scenario where Dan would truly have a chance...I mean this guy is to full of himself(Sash) and is unable to think things straight...Playing with fire like that is just incredible.
  • An episode full of dumb moves...

    I think this was a good episode because it was so stupid. First of all, Chase wins immunity, and decides not to bring along Sash, who can do an even flip and go to the other alliance.

    Then, Sash decides to unite with Jane and Holly, who would topple him in the vote, unanimously.

    Then, Benry decides to start an idea of voting off Fabio, who everyone else seems to think is not a threat for some reason!???!

    Well, I can't lie that I'm happy that Benry is gone. I didn't really like him and I'm glad he's gone. I hope personally that Holly takes the million, because she seems the most likeable and genuine (even though she was my least favorite person 6-7 episodes ago).

    I just hope Sash doesn't win, because he is arrogant and self-obsessed.
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