Season 25 Episode 7

Not The Only Actor On This Island

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on CBS

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  • Tandang and Kalabaw merge to form Dangrayne. Mike Skupin puts a strategy in place to get rid of somebody (or somebody else).

    I think the hidden immunity idol is a great idea for "Survivor" it makes the show very interesting even when the idol is not played at Tribal Council. I believe the moment when Lisa accidentally finds Malcolm's idol is the best moment of the current season up to this point. After so many episodes of the same old same old, it was great to see something that makes your times watching an episode worth while. The dialogue between Malcolm and Lisa was great. You couldn't script that if you tried! This episode also ended on a high note with a great Tribal Council. Another reason why the Hidden Immunity Idol is such a great addition to "Survivor". Mike Skupin certainly had things well planned he still wound up on the winning end in a sense because RC is gone and now Penner is vulnerable. Not bad.
  • One of the best episodes isn a LONG time! (Spoilers ahead!)

    This episode was really interesting, and there were so many ways this could have played out. So many interesting scenes, especially with Lisa doiscovering Malcolm's idol. That was just great! I wonder if that alliance will hold true at the end?

    Other interesting moments were the fact that Penner knew Lisa's identity from her former role on TV. I wonder if he will reveal it at any point? It's pretty funny because only the two remaining returning players were able to identify her. :P

    Some very interesting scenes at Trib al! Honestly, it is just so funny that Abi keeps accusing RC of betrayal. It was a clever plan concocted by Pete! :P

    Another interesting moment at Tribal was when Jeff Probst asked Pete about how many idols were in play. Pete believes there are two, and the one from Matsing is gone. That is pretty interesting to me, because maybe that Blude Idol will play a significant role down the line! ;)

    I am really, really, really, really, really happy at the vote! I hated RC from the moment she started talking, and I am just so happy she is out of this game. The idol has been flushed as well, so Penner seriously needs Immunity!