Season 17 Episode 9

Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • Randy and his attitude!

    This was the best tribal council I've seen thus far. One or two of his comments I agreed with, but for the most part it was his attitude that I didn't like. 99% of it was NOT warranted and I'm a little surprised he made it as far as he did. He deserved the way he was voted out because his attitude stunk. I get people may be cynical about things like marriage like Randy was, but his out and out attitude was really just not warranted. The cookie incident being one of them. Sugar kept telling him she didn't want one of the cookies, but he had to keep pressing her. Like, telling him twice wasn't enough?! She had to tell him a third time?
  • One of the funniest Tribal Council

    Poor Randy, but the way that they humilated him, was so freaking awesome. Bob is a genius.
  • Sugar's and Crystal's comments at the Tribal <33333333333333333333333333333333333

    Oh wow! What an episode! The best of the season for sure!

    So Sugar wants to add insult to Randy's injruies and rub salt int o the wounds and humiliate him even further by convincing Bob to give Randy the 'fake idol' and have him play it at Tribal.

    But fFirstly, the auction was hilarious! The whole kerfuffle over the cookie was hilarious and just insanely funny to watch! Grown people fighting and arguing over a cookie - well, Rnady mainly!

    The Immunity Challenge was really exciting! The second part was replayed in Russell Hantz's Redemption Duel several seasons from now, lol! I loved seeing the original though!

    Congrats to Keny on his win, but good job on Corinne spending $500 on an advantage at the Auction. Great straetgy, but it didn't work for her!

    Tribal was amazing! I just adored Sugar's comments! So hilariouws!!! She is a great character! Crystal's was even orme amazing, as she screams out loud and everyone hears it!

    Then the reaction every wone made at teh fake idol played was hilarious. Jeff says: This... is... NOT a hidden immunit y idol! And then everyone's reaction was hgold! Amazing to see!

    Randy seemed like a really bitter little evil little t(roll. I didn't dislike him, but he wasn't the most likeable character either.

    But the best part of this episode was the preview for the new next episode! I was just like WOW and my hjaw dropped! Can't wait for it!
  • Now honestly, who didn't find this episode hilarious?

    One of the best episodes in Survivor. The look on Randy's race was the most priceless thing ever. Sugar and Crystal's comments at tribal were also completely awesome. Gabon, just like the Amazing Race, is finally getting rid of the horrible members of their cast. Now if only Corrine can go. Than we actually have a group of Survivors that deserve to win. So...I am hoping the Corrine is the next to go. I'd like to see Ken or Bob win the whole thing, although I think Matty has this game won. Though I'm not too dissapointed with that though. I like Matty and he deserves to win. Anyway, hope to see another episode like this. And let's all hope that Corrine is gone next.
  • Randy's humiliation and Auction begins

    Now that Kota is in a minority, I must say Randy is angry. There was a Survivor auction. Randy got beer and spaghetti, Sugar got chocolate and peanut butter, Kenny got to exile bob, Corinne got an advantage, Susie got a bath. Randy and the cookie incident, Sugar is so funny. It was like Randy made her eat it. She gave it to Matty. However, back in Exile Bob made a fake idol that did save him from elimination. Thank god. Randy is just a troll I mean he's like someone I know. Yeah at the challenge, Kenny won and I'm so happy. Randy deserved being eliminated and humiliated.