Season 9 Episode 8

Now the Battle Really Begins

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2004 on CBS

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  • Intense merge!

    This was surprising with the merge almost coming out of nowhere! Nobody was talking about it and even though the numbers suggested it was likely, I didn't really expect it because nobody was talking about it lol.

    The tribe flag was spectacular! Great art! And a great name!

    I thought the decision to take out Ami was intereesting. However it ultimately failed. Does this mean all women to the end? I'd love that! But you never know.

    Twils is really growing on me, as is a couple of others. Looking forward to more as the jury starts to form! Shame that Rory didn't make jury... :/
  • Rory gets voted out!

    Rory gets voted out and Sarge gets immunity in this
    Show as the men plotted to get rid of Ami asap
    Rory has had it with the women and to be honest
    I don't blame him one bit as he wanted and looked as though
    he was happy to be with the men.
    But that would only be short-lived!