Season 19 Episode 12

Off With Their Heads

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another blindside...Russell gets a bit rusty.

    I must say this episode left me a bit disappointed with Russell.
    I always envisioned him as someone who has studied every detail related to Survivor.
    Yet at Survivor auction he didn't bought the significant advantage item, which puzzled me.Is he getting to confident?I also saw him giving up to easy on the immunity challenge.
    In my opinion he is playing on thin ice, voting John and upsetting Shambo, makes it 4-4.Of course Shambo could be next which could secure him a fifth vote. However members of Foa-Foa start suspecting him of foul play.
    Next episode should be interesting, as in my opinion Russell will have the fight of his life.
    One thing I hope it does not happen is for Russell to be eliminated with the idol in his pocket.
  • An interesting episode with a great challenge and unexpected outcome!

    This episode wasn't quite the best this season, but I still really enjoyed it. I loved the idea of the auction, and I loved Jaison's strategy of buying the 'help' for the Immunity Challenge.

    I also loved the Immunity Challenge, and I was happily surprised when Natalie made it so far, and disappointed when she finally dropped out.

    I felt sorry for Shambo when her chicken friends were decapitated. That was disappointing.

    I was also pretty disappointed at Tribal Council, when John was voted out, which I believed was a mistake, but only time will tell.

    Overall, a very interesting episode with many great elements. Keep it up, Survivor!
  • Full of herself after Laura was voted out, Shambo thinks she can control the game and single handedly decide who will be voted out next. However she once again underestimates a certain guy named Russell.

    Foa Foa has staged the comeback of the century on "Survivor". Possibly the best comeback ever in the show's history. I have never watched the "Survior" reunion show following the finale, but I may have to watch it this time because I am very interested in seeing the reactions of all the other castaways when they learn that Russell has lied to them and manipulated all of them so easily. It will be very interesting to see how the jury reacts to this news after they have awarded Russell the $1 million prize. It's going to be a fun finale.