Season 1 Episode 9

Old And New Bonds

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 2000 on CBS

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  • As suspicions of an alliance between the former Tagi members emerges, Richard decides to celebrate his 39th birthday in an unusual way.

    The weakest episode of the season up to this point. The only really memorable thing about it is something I prefer not to remember which is the way Richard decided to celebrate his birthday. I think he should have been a little more respectful of his fellow tribemates but that's just me. As long time fans know "Survivor" can be a very brutal competition for a lot of reasons and that is one of them! The rest of this episode is pretty much by the numbers. You would expect the Pagongs to form an alliance of their own in the face of Tagi's alliance so nothing new there. Tribal Council was pretty much by the numbers as well thanks to Sean and his odd voting strategy. Not a terrible episode by any means, but there are much better ones this season.
  • The alphabet has spoken

    So many people criticize Sean's alphabet strategy and they don't seem to realize the brilliance in it. He has successfully gotten rid of previous Pagong members using this and he probably knew deep down that other people might use his strategy to his advantage. Regardless, he conveniently gives it up before he would have targeted members of his own tribe. Still think he's dumb?

    As for the rest of the episode, it was pretty interesting to see Pagong form an alliance, even though it was far too late for it to do any good. Their fate was already sealed, although they could have changed their fate if Kelly had actually flipped for real instead of just flipping by not voting with her old alliance. Kelly should get more flak than she does for leaving the alliance. She will end up paying for this later, actually. Alliances will be important to the future of Survivor and hopefully people realize that.
  • Poor Jenna!

    K I am really disappointed because Jenna was my favourite, along with Susan, and I didn't want her to go!

    Sean's alphabet strategy is irking me - it's just pointless and completely mental.

    The Immunity Challenge was great hthough! I enjoyed that, and they used a similar one on South Pacific! :P

    Jenna will be missed though! :(
  • Richard was nude on day 27 in this Episode.

    From Trivia
    During the Immunity Challenge, Colleen is eliminated first when she runs out of available squares that she can move to. She is followed by, in order, Kelly, Susan, Jenna, Richard, Gervase, Sean, leaving Rudy as the winner.
    Richard celebrates his birthday in this episode. To celebrate, he spends the entire day in his "birthday suit," naked. That was a blur on it by the FCC.
    At the Tribal Council, 8 votes are cast. Sean receives one (from Kelly), and Richard gets three (from Colleen, Jenna, and Gervase). But it is Jenna that gets the other half - enough to send her packing.
  • The old Pagong tribe tries to vote out arrogant Rich, but thanks to Sean's stupid voting strategy, Jenna got voted out of the tribe.

    The episode started with Pagong disgusted with Kelly and Sue for lying to Jeff at the previous tribal council that they did not have an alliance. At the reward challenge, Colleen won a barbecue and a letter from and chose Jenna to bring along with her. At the reward they decided to align with Gervase and vote out the annoying Rich. Rudy won the immunity challenge which involved mental ability as they tried to not run out of colored squares. After the challenge, Rich celebrated his birthday by going naked which annoyed many others especially Jenna and Colleen. At tribal council Kelly did not vote with her alliance by voting for Sean. Colleen, Jenna, and Gervase voted for Rich, as he, Rudy, and Sue voted for Jenna. Sean, the swing vote voted alphabetically making Jenna to be voted off. I now think that Sean is stupid by not realizing the alliance of every other Tagi member except for him.
  • Jenna is voted off by a 4-3-1 vote.

    Oh Jenna, my favorite Survivor this season, gotta love Jenna! So lets talk about the show
    Reward Challenge: pretty cool Colleen and Kelly fought hard to win as did 3rd place Jenna, 4th place Gervase and 5th place Rudy who knows what Rich, Sue and Sean got. anyway I was happy that Colleen won it cause I knew if Kelly won it she would pick Sue and those two would talk about the elimination of the rest of the Pagongs. Ok so Colleen picks Jenna cause of the letter which I was excited about and then those two talk about an alliance they can make with Gervase. FINALLY! Pagongs come to their senses, I mean Jenna voted for Greg last time and Gerv, Colleen & Greg voted for Jenna why would you vote for someone that you know by them leaving would put you at a disadvantage the next vote! w.e they talk about swinging Sean to get Rich out which is smart but Sean is a dumbass and votes alphabetically. Seriously Sean dont even come on the show if your gonna vote alphabetically. It's Rich's birthday and he decides to spend it in his birthday suit... uhm ok. This makes people uncomfortable especially Collen which it should! I mean I understand Rich feels comfortable naked but it doesnt make other people comfortable for god sake. Collen was hilarious she was like "Oh shut up you in the corner, your bugging me go home and get your liprosuction and leave" lol she's awesome. So now it's time for Immunity Challenge the game looks close and Jenna could've won it but Sean decides to knock her off letting Rudy have the upper hand. GRR Sean you are sooo stupid! Why would you knock off Jenna you said you wanted her to win Immunity so you could skip her and then you knock her out DUMB ASS! Seriously if Sean wasn't so stupid he could win, he would've had the Tagi and Pagong alliance wanting him on his side and he could change the game. Here's a hint to Jenna, Colleen and Gerv VOTE HIM OFF! (please) So when they get back Jenna and Colleen are having fun dressing like super heroes and Kelly wants to have fun too. This gets Rudy and Sue pissed lol. They made Kelly feel upset and you gotta feel bad for her. I mean she's 23, Jenna's 22 and Collen is 23 so obviously she would want to hang out with them just for a little fun. Theyre just nervous they'll lose her vote. Kelly says that her vote is between Rich and Sean because they bug her. Go get 'em Kelly (VOTE FOR SEAN! or actually Rich because that's what the Pagongs are doing) So goin to Tribal Council. It's time for the vote and Jeff asks Sean about his ABC crap Sean says "it's strategy" great strategy sean! you'll win it will put you at the end with Rudy, Sue and Rich (the end of the alphabet) you think they're gonna just let you stay? lol He says that he would never vote for Jenna if it caused her to be voted off. Sean youre a retard seriously when you let a big alliance who is clearly against the Pagongs know that you are going to vote for a Pagong, theyre not gonna be like "Let's vote for Gervase that way it might be a tie when Sean votes for Jenna!" no way you idiot! It's time to vote the Pagongs vote for Rich and Rudy and Sean vote for Jenna gosh I wonder who Rudy's alliance is gonna vote for after already showing his vote? lol its actually a surprise after 3 votes for Rich and 2 for Jenna there is one for Sean, it was Kelly probably casue she knew she would get his vote next cause K comes after J. The last 2 votes are for Jenna and Jenna has to leave the game :( she's on the Jury though :) Seriously I really wish Jenna, Gerv and Colleen voted for Sean cause then it would be a tie in this season I don't know what they would do in a tie breaker I remember hearing somewhere it wasn't past votes but an endurance challenge. I think Jenna would want it more than Sean. But then you got the 4 tagis vs the 3 pagongs unless Sue and Kelly would still think "Let's get Rich out" and someone else wins Immunity besides Rich then the game would get REALLY interesting. Bye Bye Jenna I love you :(
  • Sean is a jerk!

    Jenna becomes the victim of Sean's alliance and stupid vote
    And that I wanted to punch out Sean as he did that to her
    He was only thinking of himself and nobody else at all
    But also he should had known that he would be getting a lot
    Of grief back at camp over his dumb ABC strategy and it will come back to haunt him big time.