Season 27 Episode 4

One Armed Dude And Three Moms

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2013 on CBS

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  • Tadhana loses again. Everybody still hates Brad. Basically more of the same.

    Maybe Tadhana should change their name to The New York Giants. Exactly what I suspected is happening this season. The returning players are dominating the game and it looks to stay that way from here on in. Sadly that makes for a very boring and predictable season. However it was not all bad. As is the case with most episodes of "Survivor" the best part was Tribal Council. It was fun to see Brad desperately trying to save himself and not realizing the error of his ways until it was too late. What was even funnier was the scene during the credits where he was "Waving the white That I will admit was great. This season looks to be as dull as dull can get. Well, maybe we will have more great moments like Brad getting his comeuppance.
  • Fascinating ep! (Possible episode spoilers)

    This was a really interesting ep. The Redemption Island duel was intense with a massive fallout!

    The Immunity Challenge was fun and the scenes at Galang were quite hilarious with the coconut bandits! :P

    Didn't know who to root for on RI because I really liked all three. It was upsetting either way.

    Also really upset about Brad's departure. Ciera is the most useless person I've ever seen in this game and she has no place in this game. She should have been the first ousted. She really does not deserve to be here.

    Hoping for an interesting RI duel next week! Again I like all three!