Season 18 Episode 7

One of Those Coach Moments

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • Things are going good!

    The Exile alliance was definitely the most interesting concept of this season, but today they played thihngs low key and it gave the opportunity for a fully different alliance to potentially blossom on Exile. I think there could be a lot of hidden connections and alliances when we merge due to everything that's gone on on Exile and it will be interesting to see if those alliances hold more eweight than tribal lines.

    The episode was good. I didn't think Taj and Stephen would clue JT in right now, but he sort of forced their didn't think Taj would be ousted tbh, but JT and Stephen seemed to genuinely consider it.

    Sydney - she was a likeable person and there was more to her than meets the eye. I am sad to see her go home, but simultaneously happy that Taj is still fighting on.

    Can't wait for the merge next week!
  • Timbira gets the advantage going into the merge.

    I feel that was a good episode, but not as good as other episodes in his season. Coach showed how much of a jerk that he is when he completely disregards the best interests of the tribe and does what he wants to do. Timbira won the immunity challenge meaning that they will have an advantage going into the merge 6-4. At tribal council J.T., Taj, and Stephen voted out Sydney even though Joe wanted them to vote out Taj. I feel that Jalapao made the right decision in voting out Sydney because this means that Jalapao will be more unified at the merge.
  • Coach is full of it!

    Everybody hates Coach and that even though, he is a producers' dream, he really is getting to be a nightmare to, his tribemmates. Don't like Tyson either. But also, if you have to chose, he is the lesser of the two evils. Meanwhile, JT doesn't know if he is safe or not. As the new tribe alliance, want him to vote out Sydney. But he wants to vote out that Taj. Because Taj is dangerous. Plus, Taj made a fake idol, hence Bob from last season. The tribe Tyson and Coach are on, is the least liked tribe but also, they show humbleness. Would be a lot better if they could get rid of those two. As it would make life better for their tribemmates. Sydney, who felt safe, was blindsided. Another blindside in the show.