Season 24 Episode 3

One World Is Out the Window

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • Salani finally gets their act together and wins their first challenges sending Manano to their first Tribal Council.

    From the minute this episode began I knew exactly where it was headed. The opening recap heavily stressed that Manano had won all of the callenges up to that point. That made it absolutely certain that Salani would sweep the challlenges in this episode. Also Matt's arrogance from start to finish in this episode made it crystal clear he was going to be cut loose. Yawn. I have mixed feelings about Salani. I congratulate them for overcoming a very difficult few days having to deal with horrible weather and sweeping the challenges, but their whining and begging Manano for fire and shelter and their unwillingness to return the many favors the men have done for them, make me want them to fail. Hopefully Manano can recover from this bump in the road.
  • Go the girls!!!

    An interesting episode for sure, and definitely the most satidsfying one to watch this season.

    Salani gets tortured by the weather, but I was thrilled at the ourtcome of the challenges, with Salaini dominating and Manono imploding. Particularly Immunity was satisfying to watch! What a comeback!

    I really hate these 'Outsiders'. Colton is just disgusting to watch. I can't remotely stand him. Tarzan is annoying. Troyzan is useless. Jonas is virtuatlly nonexistent. Leif is OK. I don't like the 'Muscle' Alliance either, but I prefer them over these cluless outsiders.

    But I'm actually fie with Matt going home. Even though he was my clear favourite person on Manono, Matt's departure will significantly weaken the tribe and open the door for Salani to start to dominate. At least that's what I hope will happen!

    Can't wait fo r next week! Go get 'em, girls!!! <3333
  • Surprising episode...

    It was surprising:

    1) The girls won both challenges;

    2) Bill is crazy;

    3) Matt committed game suicide';

    4) Colton plays the game like a real pro.

    I wasn't expecting the girls to win both challenges, especially if I consider how the episode started, with the rain and the storm...Good thing is we won't have a swap...The winnings seemed 50/50 believing wise...Now about the Colton performance, I'd say he seems to have gotten hold of the tribe and being the leader...However he doesn't seem like a total leader just someone whom you respect because he has an idol...I mean this because he doesn't really seems focused on eliminating the strongest dangerous opponents, just the ones whom he resents personally...That's dangerous as some people may not like it...

    About Bill he's performance was awkward, I was expecting him to be more serious for someone who is completing a puzzle...By far the most disappointing even for me this episode was the Reward Challenge, not one of the guys them had a photographic memory or at least a memory...Past performances such as Russell and Boston Rob teaches us that the best players have highly developed puzzle completing skills...

    Matt was a disappointment...He's a lawyer which means he is sneaky, whereas he didn't showed it...When you hear Colton has an idol, when you hear the others talk as they do, one would think you'd have closed your mouth and be a lamb, whereas he went more and more aggressive...Think it has to do with the self destroying idea that we all have in us and that was described by Freud in his *Beyond the Pleasure Principle* book.