Season 27 Episode 3

Opening Pandora's Box

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2013 on CBS

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  • The players true feelings emerge at Redemption Island and it's not pretty. The mood is so bad that it drives one person out of the game.

    No doubt the best part of this episode was that idiot Colton's breakdown and subsequent exit from the game. How can you not love that! I could not agree more with his tribe's opinion that the reason for his breakdown was that he was unable to successfully minipulate the tribe and/or cause problems. They hit the nail on the head. Never before have I seen such blatant animosity among the players. Yes, there have been times when tensions have been high and nasty words were exchanged, but it has never been to the level it is here. It makes for some entertaining moments I will admit, but still you can't help but notice the strong harshness. Sadly this season is going exactly the way I thought it would with the returning players mopping the floor with the new faces. Tadhana needs to get their act together and they know it too. Whether or not they will remains to be seen.
  • with two clues and still no idle ..........

    john is so disappointing, two clues that can't be more clear, no attempt to find it and sitting there getting tossed out.

    Candice deserves so much better to be on the tribe. He should have switched with her.

  • Pretty good again.

    Interesting strategies and things, but this Tadhana tribe is very frustrating. Katie and Ciera do not seem to be part of any alliance that we know of, and yet for some reason they're still there even though they are next to useless in challenges. Marissa and Rachel definitely deserve to be there way more.

    The challenges today were the most exciting part. They were entertaining and the family dynamic made some of those duels very interesting.

    Not very happy with the outcome of these Tribal Councils so far to be honest, but at least the next RI duel looks interesting. Candice being fierce :P