Season 26 Episode 6

Operation Thunder Dome

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • After the Tribes are reshuffled, the Fans lose the momentum handed to them after Brandon's exit.

    The opening scene of this episode pretty much told the story for the rest of the season. Phillip the Nutcase said it all when he told his tribe that a Favorite will win the game. Sadly that is true because they have all the momentum. Not that I am routing for the Fans (or anybody in particular), I am just a bit disappointed in the fact that there will be no real contest which is a letdown. Though I am certain she will not have the epic meltdown that Brandon had, I liked the fact that Corinne is setting her sights on Phillip. Her rant about him "sitting next to a baby annoying on a plane and the baby has was the highlight of the episode. Speaking of Corinne, I liked the fact that she mentioned Mel Gibson in this episode considering the episode's title. Tribal Council was also very predictable. Phillip once again said it all that the Fans would be dumped before any Favorites were and that's just what happened (Yawn). Don't look for anything unexpected for the rest of this ride!
  • Very interesting stuff. (possible spoilers)

    There were some really interesting events in this episode as the tribes as we know them are no more!

    The new tribes seem extremely unbalanced. Gota seems like they are going to butcher Bikal completely. I loved how Cochran called them 'the Bold & The Beautiful' tribe. :P

    Phillip was as hilarious as usual. But it was really nice to see Evil Corinne back. <3

    A very surprising decision by Bikal at Tribal Council. They have gotten rid of their strongest person so I think they will be absolutely annihilated at all future challenges until the merge.

    Nonetheless, interesting events and I hope the next one is good too.