Season 13 Episode 10

People That You Like Want to See You Suffer

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 9: Karma is a.. well, you know.

    Well, you know what they say about karma. After Candice and Jonathan jumped ship and switched tribes, Raro has now lost four challenges in a row. I mentioned it in a previous review, but I love underdogs. It makes for a much more interesting story than "Tribe of six picks off other side one by It's why I loved Survivor: Vanatu and last season, when Terry Deitz kept evading elimination, even after he was continually on the chopping block.

    Here, we see Raro figuring out who is disposable and who is necessary, and as expected, it results in a lot of chaos. It's clear early on in the episode that Nate is on the outskirts of the Raro tribe alliance, if only because he continuously questions their decisions.

    After Raro loses Immunity AGAIN, they decide to vote out Rebecca, who contributes the least to challenges. Things take yet another twist after Jeff reveals that the tribe is going to vote out another person. It's here that Nate's disconnect with the group becomes apparent, as he and Jenny vote for Jonathan, while everyone else votes for Jenny. So just like that, Raro is down to five, and since Jonathan and Candice have been seen as assets, in terms of heading to the end, Nate's stock sort of plummets.

    Another twisty and exciting episode here. I can't say enough about Aitu, who continually show that being the underdogs result in strong performance. I went from sort of hating Ozzy to gaining an appreciation for him. We'll see how an eventual merge affects everything.
  • Very good!

    What a surprise at Tirbal today! TWO votes! Omg imagine if Aitu has lost - they would be down to two!

    I'm assuming merge is right around the corner but today was just shocking! Sad to see Rebecca go - I loved her but she was too weak. But I'm excited o see Jenny go - the way she spoek about others was not very nice especially Cristina. I didn't like Jenny at all. Good riddance.

    Looking forward to the next episode!
  • Surprising twist of events!

    I loved this episode as it showed that Aitu has
    Team harmony and really has bonded while Raro is nothing
    But bickering. Yet again, Candice is sent to Exile Island as Aitu won both the immunity and reward challenge, enjoying another feast.
    The losing team got a letter as it wasn't not just one but two tribal councils as one. After the first person was voted off.
    They didn't show the first person's closing remarks but the second person was just ticked off you can tell.
    Great show once again.