Season 26 Episode 5

Persona Non Grata

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2013 on CBS

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  • Survivor After Show

    Hi All,

    No comments on the episode per se, but if you live out of the States as I do and have been frustrated by the Survivor After Show being geo-blocked on the CBS website or YouTube, try watching via Bing. It worked for me!
  • Brandon has just about all that he can take from Phillip which leads to the biggest meltdown in Survivor history.

    A truly great episode. I never thought I would ever see myself being supportive of a member of the Hantz family, but I certainly was as I watched "Persona Non Grata". Let me state for the record that I am not in any way pleased that Brandon showed signs of mental problems when he blew a gasket. I also do not approve of him dumping out the tribes' food supply. That I feel was very stupid on his part. What I do approve of was Brandon finally having the cojones to stand up to Phillip and his stupid nonsense. I very much enjoyed Brandon telling Phillip just how ludicrous the whole Stealth R Us, Inc. thing with it's cartoonish nicknames is. What was even better was Brandon telling Phillip to do the whole tribe a favor and shut up. Somebody needed to tell Phillip that and I am glad somebody finally did. Brandon's final confrontation with Phillip at the aborted Immunity Challenge was just great, however seeing Jeff Probst massaging Brandon was very odd to me, even a little uncomfortable. The Fans have been handed a golden opportunity to turn the game around. It will be quite interesting to see in future episodes if they will do anything with it.
  • Worst Episode Ever

    I don't expect to go to bed upset, but that's what happened after this show.

    Brandon has serious mental issue and frankly I'd consider hospitalizing him.

    Worst yet, I believe CBS exploited him for the sake of ratings? This may backfire on them as I'm not sure I ever want to watch anything so disturbing again and their decisions to continually bring back characters that are definitely mentally deficient means it'll happen again.

    I've watched every season of this show, but if a Hanzt or Phillip ever shows up again, I'm outta here. This is no longer entertainment.
  • Hmmm...

    I would have loved to see the chaos if team Fans were given the option to have Brandon placed on their team.
  • Bizarre.

    Well I honestly don't know how to describe this episode. The word bizarre comes to mind, as does the word peculiar.

    I just couldn't believe my eyes to be honest. It was a complete meltdown. Brandon's mood swings have always been really tough to watch, but this was on a whole other level.

    I am just stunned. That is all. And very excited to see what comes next.
  • not a great move, but it was a great episode.

    I don't agree that Brandon has to have a mental illness. He is certainly immature, uneducated, arrogant and more than a little impulsive. But he is also dehydrated, underfed and had enough sense to see straight through the "special forces group" as nothing more than Philip copying Boston Rob's blueprint for advancement. And with little patince to begin with, the wear and tear made him act irrationally, but that doesn't mean he is mentally ill. And he was right, Boston Rob kept Philip around, Philip had nothing to do with it. And Brandon may not have said it, but this time, Philip was the person keeping people around, and in a case like that, maybe you fight crazy with crazy.

    The other favorites may see through it, but haven't made it a point of speaking out. Again, that is how Boston Rob worked, he was divisive in the open, and pledged his loyalty to every one in private. When Brandon saw it, it might have been better for him to keep his mouth shut... but that doesn't mean it would work out for him or that he had to . He chose not to. And it made for a great episode. Andrea could have kept her mouth closed, but you wouldn't say she was ill because she has an impulse issue. Dawn is crying hysterically when they unanomously vote out the brat who sabotaged their food supply, and while you might consider her a little emotionally drained, you wouldn't call her ill. And Philip, who has almost gotten into a physical altercation in both of his Survivor appearance is considered wacky, but not mentally ill. Brandon was merely on the other side of the argument, handling it in a terrible fashion. If you judge every 21 year old who acts stupid, the number of people who do something that looks mentally unbalanced who far outway the ones who don't.

    As for the rest of the episode, while I didn't like that they skipped the challenge, at least it was better than sitting through it knowing that one team was going to throw the game. It has happened before, and I always wished the producers would fast forward through it once they told us it wasn't going to be a contest. And seeing Reynold find the second immunity idol when everyone was openly hunting for it was brilliant. I wish it didn't look like a tribe swap next week, because Sherri is clearly a weak player and she would have had to scramble to convince any of that tribe that she was worth keeping. Especially with probst calling her useless in the reward week's preview was dead on, this was one episode you would be talking about.