Season 11 Episode 12

Price for Immunity

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • Nicely played, Dani!

    I'm really happy with how hthis episode went tonight! :)

    The Auction was awesome! I love Survivor Auctions, and I really enjoyed this one! Danni played it nicely to purchase the Immunity Advantage, and moreso, she utilised that Challenge Advantage perfectly to win the Immunity CNecklace!!!

    I was really happy about this, and moreover, I was really happy because I thought Lydia was finally gonna go home.

    But ever better than Lydia going home, it was Judd's turn to go! I thought it was perefctly played by Danni - she reveale d Judd's intentionts to palnt a seed in Stephenie's mind and then she watered the seed and blossomed the plan to eradicate Judd! Great play, Danni!!!

    Now I hope Cindy is not on the outs. I don't want her gone next. I really want Rafe and Lydia out, and my idela Top Three would be Danni, Cindy and Stephenie.

    Can't wait to see what happens next! :)
  • Hey Judd, 'DEAL WITH IT' now ;)

    I loved this episode mostly because Judd was voted out and had no idea he was going! One thing I will always remember about this season was Jamie and Judd and their arrogant and rude attitude. I think they were two of the worst players ever. And I'm glad they were voted out and didn't make it to the top 2. One thing I know is that Stephanie will not win this game. Even if she gets to the final 2, she already has Judd, Jamie and Bobby John who will not vote for her. I think Cindy and Danni are the most likely to win if they get to the final two. Rafe may seem like he has a shot, but I don't see Jamie and Judd vote for him. I think that they never really liked him, and Jamie, after talking to Rafe to not vote for him almost every 5 minutes, and then he still voted for him. So Jamie must want to do his revenge. I'm looking forward to the final tribal council. I think Judd and Jamie will be pretty aggressive especially if Stephanie or Rafe make it to the final two. So, right now, I'm nervous about Danni. Even if she leaves in the next episode, at least I'm glad she lasted more days than Jamie or Judd. But, you never know.

    Stay tune.
  • So long Judd.

    In last night's episode, I must say the part that I liked the most was when all of the deal making before Tribal Council was going on and poor ol' Judd was left in the dark, and thought that it was Lydia that would be getting the boot that night. I thought that it was really cool that he didn't see that vote coming. I know that it was how the game is played, but I think that suprise on Judd's face and how he reacted once he got voted off and had his tourch extinguished was priceless. Danni, Steph, Rafe, and Lydia did a great job suprising him tremendiously in the end, but I think the one who is going to feel the sting of it almost as much as Judd is going to be Cindy, because of the way she thought along the same lines of voting Lydia off. Also with the voting off of Judd, it's making me look forward to the final episode, when the final 2 contestants have come face to face with Judd again, just to see how he's going to react to seeing and hearing what they have to say. But lastly, the words of Judd during tribal council best sum up what the game is all about, Somebody’s going home tonight. DEAL WITH IT! So Judd, try living by your words!
  • Judd the Bully is gone!!

    I loved it when Judd was voted out. Danni had immunity and she took advantage of breaking up the five. And getting rid of that big bully & jerk Judd. After Jamie was gone. Now there are four men gone. That leaves Rafe. When Danni won big at the reward challenge, she took out Steph. Good for you Danni! Very good!
  • No more Judd

    Now that Judd is voted out, will there be as much controversy which keeps the show interesting? I think that it is great that they voted out Judd, however, watch Lydia slide in through the back door. No one considers her a threat, and they are voting off people who are good in challenges. And with all the back stabbing going on, if Lydia makes it to the final two, whoever she is up against will have too many enemies on the jury. And Lydia isn't the only one in this position. Watch out for Cindy!
  • Danni starts to get worried about her position as the odd person out. And Judd starts to slef destruct.

    For the first 18 days of this season I wasn't so happy with it. It wasn't the setting that I expected it to be and it was hardly as beutiful as Palau was. Steph was more annoying this year and alligned herself with the most useless characters and Bobby-Jon seemed to have lost his usefulness.
    But for the last little while the show seems to have rejuvinated itself. I was still sad to see Brandon go. But for the last three episodes all the people I hate have been voted off. FIrst Jamie (possible the worst player), Gary (who I always call Tom) and finally Judd who was just retarded, he lacked all short term memory.
    So I really hope thant Danni can do it, and I think she will if she gets to final two. Raffe could do it too cause everyone wtill loves him.
    But we'll see.